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Assumptions about me pt.2|Recommend me songs?

Heyyyooooo So today isn’t the regular Blogtober post. I’ve been occupied with planning Jimin’s birthday posts and I also started working last week so I haven’t had time to draft more Blogtober posts but since I already made a commitment of posting everyday in October then I have to do just that. Yes everyone, I’m […]

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Helloooo?!?! Anyone still here?! It’s been just a week but it feels like it’s been a whileeeeee mainly cause I’ve been super busy, plus feel the days have been dragging by. I mean, how the hell are we just entering March. Happy New Month by the way! But seriously, February felt like 3 months. Urghhhhh […]

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Heyyyy guysss!!! Happy Monday! Hold up, when is Monday ever happy? Monday is my WORST day of the week. Literally, the reason I survive through Monday is because I anticipate Friday. Catch me on a Monday morning, I look like the guys in Zombie Apocalypse left one zombie on the loose and that’s me! I […]