It’s been 3 years since I started blogging! Wow haha I want to thank myself for being consistent (sort of) with something for this long and even though I almost gave up this year, I didn’t. I also want to thank the people that keep reading my posts and interacting with me. Of course I […]

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Blogmas D’10: Fav Content Creators 2022

I’m currently in my Tiktok era, been there for the past 3 months. My favorite niche are lifestyle (which means I watch a lot of vlogs), asmr (the ones where they’re restocking their fridges, snack shelves or showing what’s in their bags), BTS edits (of course) and aesthetic videos. They’re very soothing to me. I […]

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A Week In My Work Life

Hey guyssss I feel like I’ve been blogging too much about work but that’s literally the highlight of my life right now so bear with me. Do not worry, this might probably be the last of this 😂 Anyways, I thought I’d tell you guys on how my week usually goes so enjoy, I guess. […]


A Lil Catch Up?

Hey everyoneee! It’s Ib Omg it feels like it’s been so long since I said that. I took an unannounced hiatus once I concluded the Bangtaniversary 2022. Honestly, the hiatus was unexpected even for me but I had a lot going on in my head that I didn’t think I’d be able to publish any […]


A Perspective Change

Hey everyone! If this is your first time visiting my blog, a very warm welcome to you. If not, did you miss me? I hope you did cause I definitely missed interacting with you all in the blogosphere. It’s been well over a month, approaching two, since I last published a post on my blog. […]

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5 Creative Ways to Grow Your Audience

Heyyyy, it’s Ib✨ I realized I haven’t done this sort of post in a while and y’all voted that I should write more blog related posts so here it is. This post will not only relate to bloggers but to anyone in the creative space. Whatever content you make, I hope this post will be […]


Life Update: What Do You Want To See In 2022?| P.S: I’m Back!

Hey hey heyyyy Omg ah! So I’m back everyone. Whoosh! Feels extremely good to be back🥺 I missed you guys so so SO much! I missed reading your comments, I missed reading your posts and leaving comments. You don’t know how happy I am to be blogging again. It’s 2022! Happy New Year guys🥺🤍 This […]

Blogmas Christmas

Blogmas D’15: Blogmas Bloggers Shoutouts

Ho Ho Ho ‘Tis I! It’s been 15 days since Blogmas began and I have been having the best time reading posts by some of my favorite bloggers so I thought I’d do a shoutout to them for making Blogmas2021 a very delightful one! 🎄 Living the Blogging Life This is a collaboration blog. I’m […]

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HOF’21: Favorite Blog Series of 2021

‘Tis I! I’m here, once again, like every other day since the beginning of the month. At this point, I don’t even know if I should still be greeting you cause it feels like our conversation doesn’t end. Like we’re just taking a break and coming back😂. Anyone else doing the Blogtober feel like this? […]

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Random Thoughts Thursdays: PAUSE

Hey guysssss I know this is out of my schedule cause I only post on Mondays, Wednesday’s and Fridays now unless it’s a special post or event but recently, I was thinking that there are a lot of thoughts I have that I would like to share with you but I never have time to […]