The End…

Hey everyoneee!

Today I come bearing sad news 😞. A lot of you might not be happy with my decision but I have to do what is best for me, for this blog and for you.

I have always been one to choose quality over quantity and when I realize that I’m not giving my best to this blog and to you, I worried of what the next step should be..even though it was quite obvious.

After much thought, I have decided that It’s Ib will be ending….









Blogtober: Highlights of 2021!!!!

I know you thought I was ending the blog😂😂😂. I’m sorry, I thought it’d be fun to prank y’all a bit. Pardon me🧎🏽‍♀️

Okay, let’s be serious now. I’ve decided to end the Highlights of 2021 series early cause it feels like I’m struggling to come up with content for this series when I already have so many posts down already that I want to show you.

There’s a series coming up for the whole of November which I think y’all will love and then, there’s Blogmas for December. Then I have some features and collabs planned down but I can’t publish them if I keep struggling to come up with content for the HOF’21🥴.

And that’s is why I decided to end it.

I don’t regret it though cause it was a way for me to show you a bit of “me” outside the blogging space and I got feedback from you which made me get to know you better as well so it was very very fun but I think it’s good to know when things have reached their limit and need to end😭

But that doesn’t mean I’m ending Blogtober! Even though I broke my streaks yesterday 💀

I am a woman of my word and I said I will try to publish everyday in October so I will still try. Reading all of your Blogtober posts motivate me to keep going to everyone participating in Blogtober, thank you!

Now that we’ve gotten past that, I guess it’s time I inform you that we’ll be beginning a series you all have been waiting for! Actually not you all, just my Kpop/ Kdrama buddies and basically anyone interested in language learning.

I’ll be telling you in details how I learn Korean and I hope it can be helpful to the most of you if not all. It’s going to be a 7/8 days series for now, but I’m making it an open series afterwards still I’m learning the language and I might find out more helpful tips later on. I’m also going to be featuring one of my closest friends who’s also learning Korean. Basically, it’s going to be a fun series so anticipate!

That’s all I have for you todayyy. See you very very soon!🤍


34 replies on “The End…”

lol you got me!! I thought you were leaving for real lol! 🙂 glad you are not. I can speak korean — my mom was korean so I grew up speaking it. but I’ve been working on improving it by speaking it more with my daughter. can’t wait to read your post about learning korean!

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I was frowning while reading this post, until I got to the part where I found out you’re still gonna blog! 😂 I was like it’s TOO EARLY for April Fools lol
I totally understand! Glad you’re doing what’s best for you. Can’t wait to see what you share in the upcoming months!

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I’ve seen too many posts with that beggining, and i didn’t fall for that. I thought it was going to be a blog name change.
*I’m four parallel universes ahead of you hehehe*
I’m excited for the new blog series’ you have coming up♥️

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I’ve played this prank on my followers so many times but I still fell for this and felt terrible when I thought you’re ending your blog🙄😂🤦‍♀️
If it was the right choice for you then I’m glad you did you boo🌺.
Will be waiting for the next series. Good luck❤

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I really love you blog but it seems you have not been active lately. I hope everything is fine and you come back soon. I look forward to your kdrama series as I’m also a kdrama enthusiast. I’ve been meaning to learn Korean too, (I even downloaded some apps and books) but I’m too lazy to put that thought into action. Any tips for me?

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