How many times have you cried in 2021?

Heyyy everyone!

I don’t know if I should say Happy Sunday since the day is practically already over. Some of you are already in Monday😂

Happy Day, I guess!

So I came up with this cute exercise for myself and I’d like us to all be a part of it. I don’t know if it’ll be helpful to you but it was for me🤍

I tried guessing how many times I cried this year. I also tried remembering the different instances that made me cry.

This helped me to realize how much I’ve grown from that situation or occurrence. A lot of people think crying is for the weak or helpless but I truly believe people who are strong enough to admit hurt or pain are the strong ones. Crying isn’t a bad thing, it’s a sign that you’re human and you feel things and that’s okay🤍

One of the instances I remembered which was quite recent was in September when I cried due to the pressure and frustration I was feeling cause of my exams. I think back now and am I still upset about that? No. Did I eventually study and sit for the exams? Yes. How did the exams go? Very well (I haven’t seen my score yet but I’m quite confident).

This way, I was able to reflect on myself and how much progress I’ve made step by step, slowly or quickly through this year.

So I recommend it to you all!

As for how many times I’ve cried this year, I’m going to say…


If I count all the times I cried when Butter by BTS got No.1 on Billboard, the times I cried while laughing and the times I pretended to cry 😂

How many times have you cried this year? Have you been able to grow past it? I’m very proud of you🤍


16 replies on “How many times have you cried in 2021?”

I’m not quite expressive about my feelings but yes, I cry a lot. I don’t remember how many times I’ve cried this year but when suddenly ‘preparations for JEE exams’ entered my life and I just thought I can’t handle this much stress anymore, I cried hard. But it’s all fine now. I’m a positive person, thanks to my bros (you get it, right?)

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Oh yeah I get it and I’m very glad they’re here for you 🥺💜. Don’t worry they’ll all be over soon and you’ll look back and be really really proud of yourself. Fighting!

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