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Trying Out 3 Weird Fruit Combos…


I really need to come up with an intro🧍🏽‍♀️

Anyone that can help me gets a shout out! Help your sis😭✋🏽

I’m kidding, I’ll think of something but if you got ideas you can still share😂

Pushing that aside, today I’ll be telling you my honest thoughts and reactions to these weird fruit combos I and my family tried. We were invited to an Anglican Church to celebrate their Youth’s Harvest and we were gifted a basket of various fruits so we thought, “Why not?”

I’m excited to see your reactions to these combos😂 and maybe I’ll do more since the fruits haven’t finished

Banana 🍌 and Cucumber 🥒

I loveeeeeeee bananas but I’m not a fan of cucumber so at first I wasn’t too excited about the idea but it’s wasn’t bad, at all.


Infact, it was a perfect blend and it tastes really smooth in the mouth but it thickens really fast even if you keep it in the fridge. I’m guessing it’s the effect of the bananas.

I highly recommend you try it!

P.S: Sorry I forgot to take a picture when I was done blending 🙂

Pineapple 🍍, Pawpaw and Cucumber 🥒

I’m sure you’re wondering, “what the heck?”

Yeah, I thought so too! Especially since the only fruit I prefer here is pineapple 🧍🏽‍♀️. I was not in support of the idea till the very end.

Cucumber and pawpaw

It’s actually not so bad but it’s definitely not my favorite. Worst part is because of the shafts from the pineapples, we had to sieve the juice so that took more time than expected. It’s thick still first but after sieving, it becomes easier to drink.

I’m not sure I’ll recommend this to anyone since it’s not one of my favorites but it really wasn’t so bad…if you’d like to try.

Tiger nuts 🥜 and Dates

I’ve heard these fruits aren’t really common so thank God I took pictures.

These are tiger nuts
These are dates

Date is a dry fruit, I think but tiger nuts which is one of my favorite fruit is actually very milky. Only problem is, you can’t completely blend it till it’s smooth, I don’t know why so just like pinepawcumber combo, you have to sieve it after blending.

Blended tiger nuts

That’s the best way to take it.

Note: You have to break the date into half to take out the seed before blending

I don’t like date at all so I really thought I wasn’t going to like it but the “Milkiness” of the tiger nut and the sugary taste of the date blended really well so it came out nice.

I would definitely recommend it✨

Those are the weird combos that I tried! I wasn’t all too disappointed. My favorite would be the banana and cucumber combo, I really enjoyed it.

It was very very fun trying out these combos and no, I do not have any reactions or stomach upsets but if you’re allergic to any of these fruits then please don’t try them.

But if you’re not and you decide to try them out, do let me know what you think!

Have you ever tried any of these combos or a combo of your own? What fruits did you use and what were they like? I’m dying to know!

24 replies on “Trying Out 3 Weird Fruit Combos…”

I want to try this and not try this at the same time-
You are brave… A banana and cucumber combo sounds really weird… I am not sure I would try it. XD

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I definitely don’t have the guts to try or make any of my own combos. I’m just going to stick to classic ones-🙂
But this post was so creative, and banana and cucumbers, who would’ve thought of that?😂

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Cucumber and Banana 🙆‍♀️?! Say what now? I love bananas and cucumbers on their own, but together? As a drink? Wonders shall never end🙆‍♀️.
Since you say it tastes good I guess I should try it.
Cool post💜


I went to a smoothie place a few months ago and I told the girl that was making my smoothie that, among other things, I wanted the shell of a coconut mixed in. The look on her face still sends me😂.

I have a personal beef with cucumbers so I’m not going to be trying any combos with it anytime soon🌚

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