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How Are You?

Hey everyoneee!!! I had a very very busy day today so I couldn’t proof read my posts and do final edits before publishing hence why I didn’t publish any Blogtober posts today so I thought instead of leaving y’all hanging, we could just talk. How are you? How are you feeling? What was your day […]

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HOF’21: Favorite Blog Series of 2021

‘Tis I! I’m here, once again, like every other day since the beginning of the month. At this point, I don’t even know if I should still be greeting you cause it feels like our conversation doesn’t end. Like we’re just taking a break and coming back😂. Anyone else doing the Blogtober feel like this? […]

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HOF’21: How I saved money in 2021

Hey hey heyyyy I’m back with another “Highlights of 2021” post! I thought this post could be useful to someone here which is why I decided to write it. For anyone that needs the motivation or the push, I hope this will help you🤍 Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve posted everyday in October but WP […]



Today is an amazing day because today is Park Jimin’s day! I’m sure you already know how much Jimin means to me, how much BTS in general, means to me (unless you’re new to my blog then in that case, welcome!)! so it excites me to be able to celebrate this day with him. Park […]

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Assumptions about me pt.2|Recommend me songs?

Heyyyooooo So today isn’t the regular Blogtober post. I’ve been occupied with planning Jimin’s birthday posts and I also started working last week so I haven’t had time to draft more Blogtober posts but since I already made a commitment of posting everyday in October then I have to do just that. Yes everyone, I’m […]

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HOF’21 (10): My Friendships in 2021✨

My friendships this year started a little rocky as I hadn’t made physical contact with my friends since 2020. Day by day, I could feel the friendships I had start to slip through my grip…no matter how much I tried and it didn’t help that I’m a big introvert and somewhat anti-social. At this time, […]

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Heyyyy!!! Happy Sunday ☀️! Hope everyone is doing great😁 As you probably know, I started blogging last year and I mentioned in Mistakes I made as a beginner blogger, I didn’t start interacting with other bloggers in the space till mid this year, I think around May. I featured tons of people last year though. […]


Jimin’s birthday project🤍

Hey everyoneee So this isn’t the regular Blogtober post! Sorry if you’re disappointed 😂 Jimin’s birthday is coming, it’s on Wednesday! So to celebrate his birthday, my friends and I are talking about how Jimin has impacted our lives as individuals. I know some Armys here would be interested in joining, so if you are […]

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HOF’21 (8): My Self Love Journey ft Olivia Lucie Blake

Annyeong!!!! Today we’re talking about something that is very dear to me. It’s something that I think should be talked about more often than now and one of the reasons I appreciate people like BTS, Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Lizzo and many others that use their platforms to spread such message. Infact, recently I’ve grown to […]


Suga’s Words of Encouragement to ARMY💌💜

안녕 이미 여러분!!! Today’s Friday and I don’t know how your week went, hopefully good. Mine was a bit stressful so I decided to write this post for myself but also for you too🤍 Here are some encouraging words that I hope will make you smile✨ Disclaimer: All media displayed in this post is obtained […]