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Hey guys. So I decided to do a little pep talk today because I am feeling very motivational at the moment 😌. I just felt that I gotta get it out there. I’m in my feelings guysss. Let’s start ⬇️

1. Visualize yourself…

This is very important. Before you can build your self-confidence, you have to look at yourself and be like “who am I?” “Who do I want to be?” You know, all those kind of questions. Everything starts with the mind so when you have a clear vision of who you want to be and what you want for yourself, it’ll be easier to carry yourself with that air of pride and confidence because you know what you stand for.

2. List your achievements…

A lot of people feel inferior to others because they feel the person is higher than them or has achieved more than them. You have to learn to appreciate yourself for the little things. Make a list of all the things you’ve achieved, whether it’s that exam that you passed or that certificate you were awarded. Anything at all. So whenever you feel down, just look at the list and be like “Yass I did all these things and I can do so much more”. I think this helps to really boost your self-confidence even in the littlest way.

3. Stop Comparing…

I need a speaker right now because I need to loud this! Stop comparing yourself to other people! It is mentally unhealthy!!! Everyone has their own race and their own stuff they’re dealing with so stop comparing your life to others. No “I wish I was more like her” “I wish I had her body”. Nooooo. Stop comparing yourself to the Instagram version of that person. People will only put out what they want you to see. You never really know what the person is going through so just stop comparing. If at all you feel like comparing, compare yourself to yourself. Take an old picture of you and be like “Omg look at my nose” “omg what was I wearing” “omg look how fat/thin I was”. That way, you can see how far you’ve come and be proud of yourself.

4. Find your strength…

This is really important in boosting your self-confidence. If you’re doing something you don’t like or you’re not proud of, you will obviously not be confident to show yourself. Find that one thing or two things (if you’re one of the multi-talented folks) that you love doing and you know that you can do it well anytime anyday and just build on it. You would find that when you’re doing that thing, even if you’re in front of a million people, you would still be happy and confident in yourself.

5. Self-talk…

Guys, we have to learn something called Self-compassion. Affirm yourself. Be your own best friend. It really does help to boost your self-confidence. I do this alot. Literally everyday. I don’t think I can go a day without talking to myself (but do it when you’re alone so you don’t look crazy in public 😉). Just sit yourself down and just talk to yourself. Most times, I just sit and evaluate most of the actions I made that day. If I had an argument with someone, I would talk about it and if I was wrong I would tell myself to do the right thing and apologize. This especially works when you need reassuring. If I have a presentation the next day, I would sit and just reassure myself, like “Ib you can do this. You’ve done it before and you can do it again. Just look straight ahead and you’ll be fine” and it really helps. Y’all should really try it if you’re not already doing it.

6. Work hard to love yourself…

Guyssss I cannot sound this enough. You have to work hard to get what you want for yourself!!! Most times, we just sit there complaining of how we want bigger hips or we want to be slimmer and we never actually do anything about it. Sis get up and workout! Bro get your ass up and go jogging! You can’t just sit there and expect abs and hips to come to you. If you know bigger hips and smooth skin is going to make you love yourself and be more confident in yourself, then go for it. It’s just like our academics. You want a degree so you go to school, you read, take exams all to get it. Same things go for hips, abs, muscles, ass etc. Work hard for it.

7. Give yourself a chance…

Most of the time, when people make mistakes on the stage or do something wrong. We’re like “They’re humans so forget it” “They’re entitled to mistakes” and yet we don’t have that same compassion for ourselves. We expect so much from ourselves. We pressure ourselves to be perfect and it can take a toll on us. When we’re performing or making a presentation, we start freaking out like “what if I make a mistake” “what if I trip and fall”. You are human! You should also give yourself a chance to make mistakes and correct them. By the time, we understand this. We won’t be so scared to face people. We would be more confident to approach people and be yourself.

8. Keep encouraging friends…

This is very very important. Good and encouraging friends will help you go a long way in building your self-confidence. There are days I would have a bad hair or wardrobe day and I would be like “omg I look terrible”. “I can’t go out like this.” “Nobody should see me”. By the time, I meet with my friends, I would be feeling very shy and inferior and then they would be like “omg you look different. You look good” or “you look great”. Sometimes they don’t even mention it even though it’s really bad. Have friends that will encourage you and make you feel more confident in yourself.

9. Surround yourself with genuine people…

Guys this is another really important step. Make sure you are surrounded with very genuine people that will tell you the truth no matter what. Sometimes, we tend to backslide or sometimes be over confident. So you need to have people that will put you back in your place and prevent you from falling into depression or flying high into cloud 9 (you get, cloud 9 cause it’s the 9th step😉).

10. Follow my blog, like and comment…

Last but not the least! Okay maybe the least but stillllllll make sure you like and comment. If you’re also a blogger, please follow and comment, let’s get to know each other. But seriously, if you enjoyed my pep talk, the least you could do to pay me back for this amazing advice I just blessed you with, is to like and comment 😌.

Also, the next post is the second edition of the “Your View” series. New blog guests, new topic and new views. Can you guess the topic? Let me know down below (another pun🤩). Also comment if you love my puns. 😂❤️. See y’all next time.


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