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7 Lessons I Learnt from Princess Diana

I was never been the one to care about the Royal Family. The only people I bothered to know are Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan because asides from the whole royal ruckus, they’re both amazing and very charitable humans. The Queen died 6 days ago and the news has been all over social media. Another […]

A Week In My Work Life

Hey guyssss I feel like I’ve been blogging too much about work but that’s literally the highlight of my life right now so bear with me. Do not worry, this might probably be the last of this 😂 Anyways, I thought I’d tell you guys on how my week usually goes so enjoy, I guess. […]

My Experience Working At A Real Estate Firm…

Hey guys I feel like I’ve suddenly become invisible in the blogosphere and none of you really see my posts anymore but that’s my fault for taking an unannounced break for 2 months and not being consistent so I get it..but like I promised, I’ll try to be more consistent moving forward. Bring back the […]

Adjusting To Life Changes

Most of you know my baby, Bruno. He’s a 4 year old German shepherd. He’s been with us since he was a little puppy! He’s always been the centre of our love and attention. Recently, we got a new puppy. She’s a baoba I remember the night we brought her in. Bruno was furious. He […]


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