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Blogmas D’9: Snapshots of my sky

Heyyy everyone!!!

It’s the eighth day of Blogmas and I thought of sharing something that’s personal to me which is my love for the sky.

I’ve mentioned how much I love the sky and love taking pictures of it but I stopped for a long time cause a lot of people around me thought it was. I got encouraged to start taking pictures of it again earlier this year when Namjoon (BTS) made reference to the sky in one of his Weverse posts and Armys started posting pictures of their skies with an hashtag for him.

It reminded me of why I love it so of course, I picked it back up. People still think it’s weird but who cares? Joon likes it✨

I’m going to show you 5 of my favorite shots and you can tell me your favorite in the comments!

P.S: They’re all unfiltered

Please this is so beautiful. I love how the dark clouds fill the side and you can kind of see the sun rising. It’s so beautiful
Y’all peek the pretty sun ☀️ 🥺 and the way it shines on the clouds…just amazing
I love this shade so much! It can’t be just me. It’s so calming.
This is my personal favorite! Everything about it is just perfect, the clouds, the trees, the reflection on the hood of my mum’s car. It’s just breathtaking 🥺😭
I’m so in love with the clouds 😭 someone hold my tears. They are so beautiful ah!

These are 5 of my favorite snapshots of the sky. All of them apart from the 4th one were taken from a window in my house. A beautiful view, isn’t it?🥺

Which is your favorite?


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Hi Ib! I’m Eesh and I’m new to your site, it’s so perfect!
I also love taking pictures of the sky and the fourth one is my fave! I really love all of them but I would take the fourth one as my most fave! 🙂

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