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Hey guys! Welcome to my second edition of the “Your View” series!!

Thank you guys for all the support you gave me in the first one❤️. You guys are the best.

Our topic, this time is STUDY IN NIGERIA OR STUDY ABROAD! (I don’t know why I’m writing it again when it’s clearly written above but oh well). I am personally interested in this one because when I was in my final year of secondary school, I think it was around Christmas at that time, my dad asked me if I wanted to go abroad like immediately or wait till I graduate and the condition was “if I go that Christmas, then I could stay there and study but if I stay and graduate, I would stay and study in Nigeria”. Then I was like “How can I spend 6 years in this school and not enjoy the glory of graduating with my friends” (this was 2 years ago by the way). So I told my dad that I wanted to stay and graduate. Here I am now, in the University of Lagos. Till today, I don’t know if I did the right thing or not. I mean, yeah I love the fact that I stayed because those last few months of secondary school was what really brought me close to most of my friends today but sometimes I wonder what it would’ve been like if I just went that Christmas.

Touching stories aside, let’s see our blog guests for this edition.


Hi, my name is Amakwe Destyna. I am 18 years old and I school at the University of Houston, Tx.
Makuachukwu Okolo
Hi, I’m a student of Dundalk Institute of Technology studying accounting and finance. I am 18 years this year and was born on the 1st of February 2002. I like reading novels especially a good fiction (though I’ve slowed down due to school). I like a good adventure and a scenic environment. I like music and dancing (I’m not very good) but we move. I hope you enjoy this piece 😘.
Uponi Naomi
Chemical Engineering, 200level
Covenant University.
I like singing, watching series and movies and worshipping God(sounds weird, I know 😂😂).
I’m Elvis Christian
Sept 15th
I’m a presenter
Department of political science
University of Lagos
Beyonce’s long lost child🤩
Hi my name is Ibukun, my friends call me Tutu. I am a 3rd year undergraduate of the University of Lagos (Unilag) majoring in Psychology.
My name is Titilayominiiwajuoluwa Komolafe
I’m studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the University of Manchester.


1. What is your experience so far in your current school?

D: My experience so far has been pretty interesting; I’ve learnt to adjust to their ways of teaching and learning in a short period of time.

N: My experience so far has been normal really, my school is a christian school and that has really affected my spiritual life

M: It has been good. Accounting and finance is a tasking course but the teachers are supportive. I’m not in a lot of societies but I sometimes go to one or two events. The school provides other facilities like a gym (free for students), extra classes and counselling (for both school and career) which are nice additions. Overall, it’s been good but challenging.

2. What are the challenges/difficulties you face in your school?

T: I’m studying an engineering course so it was really hard at first for me to adjust to the system. I am in a class with people who build computers for fun! People who have been dealing with building electronics since they were 10. It took me time to realize that I needed to put at least triple their effort if I wanted to match up.

I: Challenges I face in school are mostly in my hostel. The lack of adequate water supply in the hostels is really appalling to the extent that we have to buy water from the hostel helpers called “anywork”. This is an amenity that should be available for all students. It hinders a lot of activities for students, taking a bath, cleaning our hostels, washing our clothes and even cooking.
Another challenge is with the overcrowding of the hostels but that’s the talk of another day.

N: The major difficulty I have  faced is the lack of diversity in food. I’m a foodie so this is painful 😣.

D: Initially, I had a big problem with communication. Due to my heavy Nigerian accent, my teachers and course mates could hardly understand me.

3. Why is studying abroad highly regarded by Nigerians?

N: I feel that Studying abroad is regarded highly because it is assumed that they are of a higher class and most people like thatt’s  also the fact that most abroad schools offer a higher quality of education than a lot of Nigerian schools.

M: Personally, I think it is because the educational system in Nigeria isn’t where we want it to be yet. In terms of technology and student services. The environment abroad is perceived to be more conducive for learning. A typical example would be the classroom and timetable. School doesn’t start until 9am in my school this way students have more time to get themselves together. I have never had to rush to class to get a seat. There is always more then enough and most times no matter where you seat you can hear and see both the teacher and the projector. The lecturers are always willing to answer questions and individual complaints as the class size accommodates for such. If you have special needs or issues in reference to exams they are taken into consideration, the student might be given extra time for the exam and a different setting to aid them.
These adjustments make the difference and increase the standards and reputation of a school. That is why schools abroad might be considered more favourable.

E: Most Nigerians believe that the educational system abroad is better than that of their home country; Nigeria. That is, what most people say but I personally believe that it is just the tale that we have been told that we are educationally inferior and good education exist outside our own shores..

4. Do you think cultural diversity could be a problem to Nigerians studying abroad?

I: Yes I believe it can be a problem for some students, not all. Although, most Universities (abroad) create an Avenue for display of different cultures and traditions (e.g black history month, or cultural week). There are people  that can easily blend and adapt to new cultures and match it up with theirs and there are some people who cannot fully adapt to a different culture and always need to be close to home.

D: Yes, cultural diversity is a problem because we have different beliefs and different ways of living our lives in general, but this no longer remains a problem once you start adjusting to their ways of life.

5. Is there an advantage to studying in Nigeria than abroad?

E: I personally feel that students that study in Nigeria have the ability to multitask because Nigerian universities often load you with so much school work.. still expect you to have a social life… and still do “school extracurricular activities”. In a way, it’s stressful but it does prepare you for an already tasking Nigerian socio-economic sphere.

I: Yes for me there are. I can easily leave school and go home anytime I want to see my family or I need to get things from home. There’s also a feeling of security knowing I’m in my home town, where I am familiar with the rules.

T: Well the only advantage I see is being close to family and having a better support system. I mean if you want get something you’ve never gotten before, you have to do what you have never done before (I’m quoting someone 🙃).
For me, I found it easier to relate more with Nigerian people so it wasn’t so bad! I still have white friends too though 🤓

6. Was there ever a time in school when you just wanted to pack your bags and fly back to Nigeria?

D: Till date, there are still times when I feel like packing up and leaving, but this happens only when I miss my family and friends…lol

M: To be honest no. I’ve had my share of ups and downs but no I haven’t.

T: Was there a time ?
I can not even count! A lot of times, the stress guyyyy. Bus that I did not used to enter in my country, I’ll now be entering it here. Looking for my Nigerian food because I do not like to try new things 😌.

7. Some students fear that if they study abroad, they would be faced with so many racists and bullies. Have you encountered any of them or do you know someone who has?

D: Racism is something that I have encountered. In my case, my school forbids racism, but that has not stopped people from giving me nasty looks.

M: Personally, I haven’t encountered any. I’d like to think some awkward conversations were more of curiosity. My personal experience does not negate the fact that there is racism.

T: I have not really encounted a major case. I will just tell everyone to know that Nigeria will be looked down on like just expect it! But I never let that bother me. I am better than that!!!

8. Which do you think helps build you up both character wise and intellectually?

M: I feel character and intellect is based on a personal thing. The environment can only encourage and boost what is already there. That being said there are good schools both in Nigeria and abroad that can do that.

E: I feel both American or foreign universities and Nigerian universities contribute largely in character development and intellectual prowess.

N: Your character really depends on how you view everything that you come across. Some people in my Christian University lack good morals and some people that school abroad are closer to God than those in Christian universities. Environment affects it yes, but I feel its all relative to the person.

9. Are there any cults in your school that you know of?

E: I study in the University of Lagos the nation’s pride 🤭 and I haven’t come in contact with any known cults so I can save for a past due to my own experiences that there aren’t cults in the University of Lagos.

N: I do not know of any cults in my school.

D: There are fraternity groups… if that counts😂

T: Cults? 😂😂
Never heard of any lol.
There are lots of societies and groups for making friends and having fun but I’ve never heard of cults!!

10. Are there any experiences you’ve had that you feel you would not have had if you were in the opposite school?

N: I can’t really say because God has a way of doing things lol 😂. My school has helped me grow spiritually but I really don’t know if I would’ve grown as much as I have now because God never gives up and I’m sure he would found a way for me to grow even if I wasn’t in CU.

E: yeah one time I went to the toilet to ease myself. I literally went there to do number 2 if you know what I mean, I had a very very messy lunch and my tummy was dancing azonto when I got to the toilet. At that time, I was in the year 01. I realise that the toilet was flooded and it wasn’t flooded with water it was flooded with urine and I try to look past it and walk on it.. only to realise that every water closet was packed up with poop it was disgusting and I’m sure foreign universities don’t have that thing as problems.

T: Yes. When I do not know something in class and my guys do not know it, I have to mail the lecturer straight.
But in Nigeria everyone will be free with everyone cause I mean we all have the same skin tone but it’s harder now. I’m not trying to say white people are not helpful! They have even helped me way more than my black friends! But it’s just being absolutely free can be hard.

11. Are accomodations, feeding and recreation made more available in Nigeria or abroad?

D: In my opinion, they are made more available abroad. If you are not able to pay for these things, there are so many scholarships and programs that can help you fund your education.

T: I mean I have not schooled in a Nigerian Uni but my Uni has an average of 40,000 students and 10,000 staff so the campuses are big! So I mean there is enough accommodation, feeding and activities to carry the crowd lol.

I: In the educational system I will say accommodations, feeding and a whole lot are more available abroad than here in Nigeria. Back when I was applying to universities abroad there were so many opportunities for feeding, housing, student jobs and even loans. Here in Nigeria such opportunities are mostly open for students in private schools but limited for students in public school. As I mentioned above the hostels available are overcrowded because there aren’t enough hostels to accommodate all the students in the school (i attend a federal university), when it comes to feeding, everyman for himself too. Although I can say some universities like Unilag offer students job packages  but the slots are limited.

12. What is the student to teacher ratio in your school?

I: Students to teacher ratio is 100:1

N: I’m not sure really, but based on what the school has told us before, the lecturers are few compared to the students

D: The students to teachers ratio is very reasonable. Each class has its capacity, and once it is reached, you will be put on a waiting list or adviced to take the class in another semester.

13. Would you say your school environment is condusive for learning?

T: More than condusive! The libraries are so equipped. The lecturers are always willing to help with very quick responses. There are libraries that run 24hours. Lectures are recorded so you do not even have to be physically there.
All you need to be serious and you’re half way there.

N: Yes I would say my school is conducive for learning.

E: yes I would say 100% that my school environment is conducive for learning.

14. How is a day at your school like?

M: I wake up and get ready for school. School starts most times at 9am some days at 10am. I go for classes and then we have breaks in between. During the break I either grab a meal, finish up any pending work (usually in the library) or I hang out with my friends if they have the same break time and are free. Sometimes after school I go to the gym or go for a swim and then home. If I have an event that I would like to attend then I go for the event and then home afterwards.

D: A day at my school… pretty stressful but at the same time fun. It’s more like you’re having fun while being stressed 😂.

I: I wake up by 6 and get ready for 8 am classes, my classes end by 2 or 4 then I attend to my extracurricular activities (sports) for 2 -4 hours (not everyday though)  then I’m done for daily activities by 6. Oh yes I still have assignments I attend to till I eat and fall asleep by like 11pm.

15. Would you say your lecturers are effective in teaching and what modes do they use?

E: in the first instance I feel like most Nigerian University lecturers that I have come across can’t teach. They just know how to make decent conversations and if you’re smart you can learn from what they’re saying. But in all honesty a shocking 80% of them can’t teach. Their modes are just talking or giving umpteen assignments.

M: They are effective and try as much as possible to carry the whole class along at least to a large extent. They encourage us to ask more questions and call their attention once we are in difficulty. They use moodle an online platform and app where notes, videos, announcements, quizzes and exams, class recordings, chat forum  and attendance is made available by the lecturer. My course is mostly theoretical but for practicals like Information and technology (IT) and online accounting we use the IT labs.

N: Well depends on the lecturer, some  of my lecturers don’t really do much so I have to go the extra mile to learn.

16. Final thoughts?

D: Schooling abroad is indeed a privilege, but it doesn’t make you any better than a person who is schooling in Nigeria… it all depends on how well you use the resources that are at your disposal !

M: A lot can still be worked on or amended with the educational sector and system in Nigeria and the bigger the progress the less the need for schooling abroad as the system would be able to cater for students efficiently and effectively.

T: In all, I believe where ever you find yourself you just need to make the best out of it and always be ready to take a challenge and with God you will succeed!

E: I  feel the Nigerian educational system has a long way to go because there’s lots of potential and lots of brain power in the country. If the jury can build up and pay more focus to the educational system, he won’t be able to harness the amount of brain power and potential that’ll be available to push the country to the next level.

I: A lot of work needs to be done in the Nigerian educational system.

N: I’m happy where I am really and if I could go back I won’t change where I am because my school has factored in a lot of growth for me.

So we have come to the end of today’s series. I hope you gained alot and enjoyed some of the tales. If you want to get to know the guests more, their social media handles are down below. Love you and see you next time. ❤️

Destyna– Ig – bree_ad
Sc- destyna.a

Makua- Ig/Twitter: Makua_o

Elvis– Instagram: @elvischristain_
Twitter: @_elvischristian

Naomi- Sc: naomiuponi❤️
IG: naomiuponi

Titi– Instagram: @Titilayomi_
Twitter: @_Titilayomi

Ibukun– Ig: @its_tutu2
Twitter: @ibukunsluve1



Well I believe it doesn’t matter where your studying even if your studying in space😂.I just feel it depends on those around you. But Nigerian Education though need to be improved


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