Hi guysssss

It’s Ib’s favorite time of the year- Christmas!

Although my exams are officially beginning in 4 days, I can’t help but want to participate in this year’s Blogmas. I’ve always participated in Blogmas since I began blogging so it doesn’t feel right not to. I promise that if it get overwhelming, I’ll stop don’t worry.

For the sake of readers that are new to my blog or blogging in general, Blogmas is a 25-Day event that commences on the 1st December till Christmas Day. Some bloggers go all the way to the 31st while some may do less than 25, it depends on the kind of content the blogger wants to show and their schedules.

Blogmas is personally my favorite time in the blogosphere because I’m always excited to read posts by my blog friends and favorite bloggers. Even though most of us take breaks and go on hiatus during the year, we like to come back to celebrate Blogmas. It’s just like how we like to travel back home during the holidays to celebrate Christmas with our families. Blogmas feels like celebrating Christmas and New Years with your readers.

It’s mostly a time when bloggers look back at how the year has been, how much we’ve evolved since January, appreciate our growth and mentally prepare for the New Year.

I slacked A LOT this year so this is me making it up to my readers and to myself cause I doubt I reached any of my blog goals for this year which is okay, I guess. Thank you to the readers that have there for me and welcome to the new readers. Ib may be slacking now but she promises to do better from now on.

I’m excited to read all the Blogmas posts on the blogosphere and I hope you’re excited to read mine too.

Happy Blogmas!

Are you participating in Blogmas? Are you excited for Christmas? What kinds of content are you looking forward to?

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13 replies on “BLOGMAS 2022”

Aghhhh I wanted to particiape in Blogmas but I’m not at all prepared. Now all that’s been popping up on my reader is Blogmas posts – the pain😂😪. But I’ll participate with y’all in spirit😉. Yeah I slacked a lot this year too so imma try and make it up this December🌚. Good luck with Blogmas🎉🎉. Looking forward to it🌼.

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