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Random Thoughts Thursday: Insecurity

Heyyy It’s me and it’s another Thursday again, here with my thoughts. Today I thought we’d talk about something we’re all somewhat guilty of, which is Insecurity. I don’t think I’ve ever met a human who isn’t insecure about one thing or the other. Personally, I’ve been insecure about my body, my look, my voice. […]

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Reacting to Weverse Posts pt. 2

It’s Ib here! But of course you knew that😀 I’m back with another “Reacting to Weverse Posts” because you all enjoyed the last one and found it funny (Click here to read). I’m glad it made you laugh which is what I live for sooooo here it is! Awwnn I know right! RM has an […]

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My German Shepherd VS Google

Heyyy Today I thought of doing something interesting. Now, I can’t remember where exactly I got this idea from cause this was a while ago but one of the blogs I follow, (I have a strong feeling it’s Flora, if it’s not I’m sorry 😬) reacted to some facts about the breed her dog belongs […]

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A Few Words of Encouragement ft my snapshots

Hey It’s me, Ib How’re you today? And before you reply with the obvious “I’m fine”, really think about it. Are you? As for me, well, I truly don’t know But I’m trying to be so that’s a start! The fact that you’re here, you haven’t given up yet, you’re getting up everyday, that’s a […]


Life Update: What Do You Want To See In 2022?| P.S: I’m Back!

Hey hey heyyyy Omg ah! So I’m back everyone. Whoosh! Feels extremely good to be back🥺 I missed you guys so so SO much! I missed reading your comments, I missed reading your posts and leaving comments. You don’t know how happy I am to be blogging again. It’s 2022! Happy New Year guys🥺🤍 This […]

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It’s your birthday🥺 To be honest, I’m filled with lots of emotions because this last week hasn’t exactly been the best but looking forward to this … DEAR KIM TAEHYUNG, Please wish and show Tae lots of love today. Thank you!❤️


A Much needed Break

Hey guys I hope everyone had a splendid Christmas. So you may or may not have been expecting it but I will be taking a break from blogging but I will be back soon, hopefully… I’m just not in the right state of mind right now. Blogmas kind of took a toll so I’ll need […]

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Blogmas D’25: Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONEE!!!🎄🌟✨🤍❤️💚 Omg omg omg! I’m so excited! We have finally come to the end of the 25 Days of Blogmas. I can’t believe I did it, yay😂 Click here to read previous Blogmas posts This post is a really short one cause I think most of us would be too occupied or excited […]

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Blogmas D’24: Christmas Bucket List Review

Hey hey heyyyy Merry Christmas Eve everyone! 🎄✨🤍🎶🌟 Everyone is getting ready for the Christmas celebrations. It’s just amazing to watch! We’re welcoming a few visitors this year since well…Covid is still a thing so we’re still trying to be cautious even while celebrating so I advice you to also. I have a really short […]

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Blogmas D’23: Blogmas Ideas that didn’t make the cut

Hey everyoneee! I’m so stoked to have made it this far omg. Honestly, I didn’t think I would be able to complete Blogmas but it looks like I might hehe. So of course when planning to participate in Blogmas, one of the first things bloggers do is make a list of ideas to write about. […]