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HOF’21: Favorite places I visited in 2021

Hey guyssss

It’s Day 2 of Blogtober! Remember our theme is HOF’21 so I will be sharing with you today, the few places I visited in 2021!

My 2021 was so unadventurous💀…really. We started online classes in January so I didn’t really go out cause there was a lot of pressure, lots of things to catch up on so I spent most of my days having classes and studying. Concluded our exams in April and had like 2 weeks break before resuming offline classes in May.

I’ve mentioned this lots of times before but for the sake of my new followers, I’m 95% introverted. There’s no part of me that wants to go out. That 5% is shopping cause I love shopping but anything else…no. So in school, the only places I went to were my faculty, my hostel and the bank then once in a while, the supermarket, the restaurant etc. That’s really it.

I know some of you are like, Ib you need to go out more. I know, I’m working on it…something like that 😂

Anyways, long story cut short, there are only 3 places I remember visiting this year! There are probably more but I can’t remember 😂💀

• Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC)

LCC is a conservation centre (and you probably already knew that from the name😂) that protect and preserve animals and wild life.

My friend and I went to LCC on my birthday and I blogged all about it, pictures included so click here if you want to read it!

LCC was so much fun! I love being around nature especially when it’s calming but the canopy walk was really really scary!

I felt like I was above the world !

Cause we kept going high up till we couldn’t see the ground anymore 😂

Then there was that traumatic experience with the monkey. This monkey was literally dragging my coke with me and they’re not supposed to drag drinks, from what I heard but this monkey did! I got scared and left the drink for the monkey but he or she just let it fall to the ground😭😭😭 and that’s how my coke wasted. I’m never forgetting that moment😭

All in all, I had much fun that day which was great✨

University of Lagos Museum

This is actually a new museum in my university. It just opened so it isn’t in full swing yet but the place is very very lovely. I love the way it was designed and I can’t wait to go back when school resumes and hopefully, it’ll be in full swing then. Maybe I’ll give you guys a little tour✨

Outside the museum ✨

• Work Sites

The third place, actually places are the sites my dad took me to early this year, before I resumed school. I’m studying Real Estate in school and that’s my dad’s profession so I learn from him in any way I can. Sometimes he would have me draft letters, sometimes he would take me along with him for inspections. I enjoy going with him to sites for inspections.

I would share pictures but it’s literally just pictures of houses for sale or still in construction 😂

Anyways, those are the few places I remember visiting. I’m pretty sure there’s more but God help my short term memory😭✋🏽.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

What places did you get to visit this year? Do you like going to museums or have you ever been to a conservation centre? Please let me know in the comments! Let’s talk🤍✨


16 replies on “HOF’21: Favorite places I visited in 2021”

That monkey though😂😅.
I’ve been to a huge park, beach, restaurants, malls (that’s all I can remember). I love going to museums and I’ve actually never been to a conversation centre🤷‍♀️. Sounds fun though
Blogtober day two🎉🎉

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It sounds like you had a busy year, thanks to your online classes and exams – I hope they went well!

Lekki Conservation Centre sounds lovely. Canopy walks in centres like that are always scary! I went on one at the Eden Project, and it was a combination of scary and thrilling. Nooo, your poor can of coke! Lost too soon. It must be so fun and educational to spend time with your dad.

The beginning of the year was uneventful for me as well; I feel like I’m trying to make up for it now! I’m an introvert as well, but I am trying to step out of my comfort zone while staying happy. 😊

Thank you for sharing the places you have visited this year! Happy Blogtober. 😊

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I had a very very busy year😩
The canopy was omg😂 like nothing I had experienced before!
A minute of silence for my coke, it lived a very short life😭. Yes it isss

Ohh I would love to know the places you visited! It’s good to step out of your comfort zone sometimes✨

Thank you for reading!🤍🤍

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