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HOF’21 (6): Favorite things I OWN

안녕하세요!!! 여러분 잘지네요?

처음이니? 반가워요🤍

I know I promised a “How I learn Korean” post. Don’t worry I’m still working on it! I want it to really detailed for you guys🤍

제발 기다려!!! (please wait!) 😂

Okay? Okay!

So since a lot of you liked the Favorite things I bought in 2021 post, I decided to do a “Favorite things I OWN” post. I enjoy sharing a little bit of my life with you guys cause it makes me feel closer to you and I also love reading your personal posts as well!

These things are items I hold dear to my heart cause they’ve brought me comfort one way or another so I hope you enjoy this very short but cute post✨

Monkey Plushie!

This is Mojo! You might recognize it from this emoji 🙈. We had all 3 of them (🙈🙉🙊), my sister has one and I have one to one of my best friends when she was moving to the UK.

I love this plushie a lot cause it’s so cute and I used to hug it to sleep but now it’s too small to hug😂💔

Since Mojo became too small to hug and I love to cuddle with something while I sleep, I got this really cute pillow!

It’s fluffier/thicker than Mojo so it’s comfortable to hug but this is also getting quite small for me so I’m planning on getting a bigger plushie and this time, it’s going to be a BT21 plushie!

After plushies and cute pillows, other things I love are books! I’ve mentioned how much I love stationeries. I love buying note pads, notebooks, sticker notes, they’re just so lovely 😭✋🏽I end up not using most of them but I just love owning them💀

These 3 are my favorite books!

The big purple one used to be my journal but now it’s my Hangul study book.

All my jottings are done in here!

The pink one, I mentioned before, is my new blog book!

The book is still new so there are some ideas written in them that I’m still contemplating on writing so I can’t show much 😂 but remember I promised I will show you how I designed it so 제발 기다리얼! 🤍

The top book is my old blog book and now where I write most of my poems or written pieces which I still plan to show you all soon!

Last year’s Blogmas!😂, can’t wait for this year’s!

Another one of my favorite possessions is this really cute Christmas mug!

We have so many mugs in my house but I’m so attached this mug. This is the only mug I use in my house and no one else uses it cause they know that it’s my favorite 😂. I know you’re wondering how I drink tea in it cause it’s so small, well if you’ve noticed so far, I’m into small and cute stuff 😂

Lastly, my phone charger 👀

I don’t know why but I love this charger so much😂. If it spoils, I’m probably not going to throw it away. I love that it’s silver with a kind of transparent outer covering, I think it’s just really pretty so I love it!

Those are 7 of my favorite things I own! I really hope you enjoyed today’s Blogtober post!

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Do you have favorite items you’re attached to? What are they? Also, how are you finding my Blogtober so far? Let’s talk 🤍


25 replies on “HOF’21 (6): Favorite things I OWN”

I love how you only mention 7 stuff. I know the reason behind it😁 and ahh, picture of that bt21 plushie, when you get it, please!!! Also, I’m really tempted to keep a blog book, because of you😆 loved the post IB!!

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Wow. The lengths I’d go to send you the picture🤦 I’m crazy. But I’ll still mail it to you 🕺 because I know you’ll like it. I’m definitely crazy. But can I get your mail??

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Ughhh I forgot to leave a comment here forgive mee 😭😭
I love Mojo sm, it’s so cute! Your pillowww is fluffyy and if you get a BT21 plushie then I’m gonna come there and steal it from you 😂😂 Or maybe atleast steal a picture of it
The books look cute! Being attached to a mug, I feel it omg. I had this orange mug, and used it for years until my maid broke it 😭💔
Your charger is soo prettyyy, I don’t own one yet but my sisters’ is just plain white 😂😂💀 And who doesn’t love chargers, I mean our life depends on it 😫😂💜

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You’re forgiven 😌💜
I’ll let you have the picture, you don’t need to steal it😂
Thank youuuu
Oh noo🥺 do you have a new favorite one?
Righttt, the battery of my phone which is my life depends on it😂

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Thank you for sharing the items that bring you comfort. The plushie is adorable, and it’s sweet that your sister and one of your best friends have one each. I love your Christmas mug as well.

I have a really old teddy bear that I am attached to, as I’ve had it since I can remember.

Thank you for sharing! 😊

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