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How I learn Korean Pt.3

Heyyy everyoneee

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Yesterday was the absolute BEST!!! BTS held on online concert and OMG, I was ruinedddd! They looked so amazing and every performance was just too good! We had Blood,Sweat and Tears, we got remixes of Fire, Boy with Luv, like oh my God!!!

Ib, focus! This is not what you’re here for 😭

Okayyyy, I was very happy to receive feedback from you concerning the last post. Some of you talked about the apps you’ve also tried using and your experiences with them. Some of you also said you would try out the sites and apps I recommended so that made me very glad.

Today, I’m going to share another method asides from learning materials that has helped improve my Korean. 아직 많이 부족하지만 노력하고 있다😂😂

Kdramas are a great way to help you in your Korean learning especially with perfecting how to pronounce the words. I have found that watching Korean dramas and shows have helped a lot in speaking cause I’m able to remember when and how the actors used certain words. Knowing the difference between 주세요 (please give me) and 재발 (please), 찐자 (means really but it’s more of a pun) and 정말 (really?), 저기요 (excuse me, when you want to get someone’s attention) and 잠깐만요 (just a second or “excuse me” when someone is obstructing you). There are several words that can easily be mixed up in Korean but Kdramas help you understand how they are used.

Sometimes, I watch Kdramas without the subtitles and review how many sentences I’m able to understand on my own. I also learn new words using this method because as my Kdrama lovers have probably noticed, a lot of acting done by the actors is mostly done using their facial and body expressions so it’s kind of easy to translate what they’re trying to say.

BTS has also been of huge help thanks to their Bangtan bombs (short videos which are focused on the members having fun, dance practices, behind the scenes of music shows, award shows, events and live stages), BTS Episodes (much like the Bangtan bombs but longer, they show how they shot content for that entire day, like jacket photo shooting, MV shooting, awards shows, etc.), Run BTS (I gave a detailed description here), Vlives (Click here for more details) and many more content they provide us with.

There are certain words the members use all the time while speaking which has made it easier for me to perfect both writing and pronouncing these words.

So if you’re planning on learning any language at all, you can familiarize yourself with shows and songs in those languages. This will make learning more interesting and quicker.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I tried, right?😂

Do you watch Kdramas? By the way, currently watching Squid Game, hehe. What other ways asides online materials have been of help to you when learning a new language?


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These tips are great! I find watching k-dramas so helpful too, especially with pronunciation. I’m learning Spanish at the moment and listening to songs and picking my favourites to learn how to sing has been really useful practice too. I also like to read the Spanish translations on things like the labels on toiletries or medicine or food 😂

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