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7 BTS Vlives in a Month|My Reactions|Experience

Annyeong! 안녕!

I hope everyone is doing fine. I hope everyone is happy and healthy!

I’m excited for today’s post because I know ARMYs everywhere had a freaking crazy experience this past months thanks to Bangtan!

For the sake of non-Armys, Vlive is an app that BTS and I think other BigHit artists use for their lives. There are also Chat boards and Fan boards where Armys can post stuff about the Tannies. That’s pretty much all I know about the app (I only go there for lives😩. I’m still struggling to navigate Weverse! I’m an old soul)

So basically the way other artists go live on Instagram, that’s the way BTS goes live on Vlive and you can watch previous lives with subtitles of your choice. Got it? Okay!

So for the past month, ARMYs experienced something we’ve probably not experienced in A WHILE! We had all 7 members come on Vlive back to back within just 28 days!

Normally the members don’t come on Vlive unless it’s their birthday, a celebration or when they’re free (which is sometimes NEVER!) but we’re still always very excited to see them. The only problem is, ARMY is a very huge family with people from every time zone so there’s no particular time that is the “perfect time” for a Vlive because people will still end up missing it!😩

The last time we had a solo Vlive was on Suga’s birthday, March 9th

After that we’ve had a MiniMoniJin live (Jimin, Jin and RM) and VSOPE live (V, Suga and Hobi).

(P.S: JK in the gym all day, all night)

Besides those, the rest are celebratory lives; the Grammys, Butter release and Butter No. 1 on Billboard for 5 weeks!

So y’all get what I mean when I say, I been waiting for a solo Vlive, especially from JK cause even in the last OT7 live, he barely said a word!

ARMYs enjoy OT7 lives but we also like to spend quality time with each of the members, you know?✨

That was all a warm up, this is where the real post begins 😂

RM~ 13th July, 2021

Time: 28 mins

RM, our dearest leader, was the one to begin the journey, of course. Joonie came for just a short while to talk to Armys during his break. Isn’t that cute?🥺 sacrificing your short break in the middle of a tight schedule to talk to me about your new haircut but was I there??? Actually I came but not early😂. At least I didn’t miss it!

RM basically spoke about his new haircut😂. He also spoke about the reason they didn’t include a Rap in Permission to Dance and that’s because it didn’t suit the song. Like the peaceful and hopeful message the song was trying to send.

He also gave us a lil spoiler😗. He said there’s a secret in the pocket of his pants that’s related to the things they’re working on. I’ve been praying to God to give me a clue of what’s in the pocket of his pants 😩😩 but we’ll probably see that in November😔

He also spoke about working with Aeon and txt, how he wrote “Bicycle”, spoke about how he can’t live without coffee and finally, he told Covid to “GET THE HELL OUT!

It was a very nice live✨


Suga~ 19th July, 2021

Time: 25 mins

Y’all I got into Yoongi’s live like 10 minutes before it ended but my network was so bad! Then I was like, “Let me leave and rejoin”. I rejoined and GBAM, “This live broadcast has ended”. My poor heart😭

From rewatching, I saw that Yoongi spent 20 minutes out of 25 mins staring at the screen and reading comments which is so cuteeee! And also, very stress free for Twitter Translators who translate what the members are saying on Twitter.

Yoongi spoke about how rehab exercise for his shoulder is going and that he doesn’t feel pain anymore! Thank God! 😭 He also said he doesn’t have a skincare routine, recommended PTD and Butter and said he will start playing the guitar again when his shoulder is completely healed🤍

Highlight: He played the drums! A little

V~ 24th July, 2021

Time: approx. 19 mins



I literally rolled out of bed that Saturday morning, opened my ARMY gc to see a video of Tae and Namjoon singing along to End of the road by Boyz II Men! I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears!

Basically, Tae had a sushi mukbang! And played/recommended some songs to us. Then Namjoon came in from working out and joined Tae to make us smile 😊

Highlight: RM spilled his protein shake immediately he walked in

Hobi~ 25th July, 2021

Time: approx. 1hr 23mins

Bruhhh, I couldn’t believe I missed 2 lives in a row! And this is much worse cause Tae’s was just 19mins so it was just a quick pop in. Hobi gave us an hour and almost 30 mins of his time and I wasn’t there for it!!!

I decided to take a break off the internet that day cause I felt like I was getting too distracted from school work and normal life and that’s the day Hobi chose to come on Vlive.

Of course, I watched it immediately subtitles were available! Hobi mostly spent his time in the practice room dancing at 1am in the morning!

Then afterwards, he went to his studio! Gave us a tour around the Hybe building and now we know some rooms use facial recognition. So cool 😩

Highlight: Hobi’s reaction in the elevator when the signal was fluctuating.

Jungkook~ 29th July, 2021

Time: approx. 1hr 8mins


Y’all I was so so so close to missing this live! I was about to have my afternoon sleep. I had already turned off my data but something told me to scroll through WhatsApp for a short while before going to bed and immediately I turned it on, I saw “Jungkook is live!”. I freaking screamed! Cause I had been waiting for a JK solo Vlive since the beginning of the year so I was so happyyyy!

JK gave us an actual mini concert! We sang and danced to Euphoria, Baepsae, IDOL, So What, Wings and many more! It was so fun cause I forgot all about sleeping and started cooking. Most times when I cook, I play BTS songs so Kookie having an actual mini concert while I was cooking was such a beautiful experience. I’m never forgetting it. By far, my best JK Live!💜

He also confirmed his piercing and we noticed he has a new tattoo!

Highlight: Hip Thrust in Baepsae! (I died)

Jin~ 9th August, 2021

Time: 30 mins

I’m still not over how beautiful Jin looked in the live. He’s always beautiful but I’m still not used to it 😩

We were supposed to have a Namjin live but RM had to get a haircut so he was absent. He also mentioned that he hasn’t been having a good appetite lately but when he does, then he’ll do an “Eat Jin” live, basically a Jin mukbang live.

He also called Bang PD! (It was Bang PD’s birthday!). Jin kept asking Bang PD if he could visit that night but PD nim said he should go to bed because of tomorrow’s schedule. So cute🥺

Highlight: Jin’s face is always the highlight✨

Jimin~ 10th August, 2021

Time: 36 mins

Title Translation: You might not know I came to Vlive now

You guysssss!!! So my mum woke me up early that day to prepare a meal she could take to work, by 6am! And I was groaning like, “Why do I have to wake up early if I’m not going to school or going out?”. But guess what? While I was cooking, Jimin came on Vlive😭😭💜

I initially didn’t know, I was just rapping along to UGH! when my friend called me and was like, “Ib, Jimin is live”. She sounded so sleepy😂 cause it’s literally 6am! Then we started calling all our other ARMY friends but most of them were still asleep so they ended up missing it 💔

Jimin: I can’t see while laughing

Jimin apologized for coming at this hour. In Korea, it was still working/school hours. He mentioned that he’d ask V if he wants to do a Mandakko (만다꼬) Vlive where they talk about about their dialects.

He mentioned that he loves cats and dogs but has a mild allergy to cats and wants to get a dog when he’s 40-50. He said he’s been watching all PTD challenge videos! (Does that mean Jimin has seen me?? Ah!)

He said he’d be back in 2-3 weeks, possibly in the evening time and for much longer time! Can’t wait!💜

Highlight: Jimin’s kiss at the end

And that’s the end of all the lives!

It was such an amazing 4 weeks with the Tannies. Despite their tight schedule, they all came to see us even in ungodly hours. I remember panicking cause I really thought I would miss Jin and Jimin lives but thankfully, I didn’t 😂

I hope y’all enjoyed my post! Thank you for reading till the end🤍. Armys, what’s your score over 7 and who did you miss? I got 5/7 and I missed Tae and Hobi 😔

Also, I mentioned two weeks ago that I would be going on a blogging break after my birthday week. Well now is the time to tell you all that I would be beginning my blogging break now but not due to the same reason as before. My exams are beginning in two weeks and I still have a lot to catch on mostly because online classes are hectic and there’s so much to cover so I don’t think I can put my heart and soul into whatever posts I write at the moment 🥺

I’ll still be reading, liking and commenting on all your posts because I’m almost addicted to this app and can’t stay away 😂. Anyways, wish me luck in my exams!

See y’all next month! Byeeeee🤍✨


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I missed all of the vlives because work and my life are keeping me away from them. *sniff* But thanks to ARMY all over the world I could still watch them with the subs later on! I’ll forever be grateful for ARMY!! ❤ I made a short summary of the vlives too. *lol*

RM's vlive: A free class in how to make amazing music by the master himself.
SUGA's vlive: Yoongi staring us down while being super cute.
V's vlive: A very sweet dinner date with a gorgeous man and great music.
Hobi's vlive: Dance practice with a sunray in the middle of the night.
JK's vlive: A private concert with the adorable Kookie.
Jin’s vlive: Mr. WWH treating us like his bestie while talking about anything and everything.
Jimin’s vlive: A considerate angel apologizing for blessing us with his presence.

ARMY was truly blessed to get so many vlives in a row! 💜💜

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I probably missed like half of their lives😭😭😭 but it’s ok , life goes on , But I did not miss JK’s live and tbh his mini concert brought a smile to my face and obviously V and RM singing along to end of the road while being their chaotic selves is an instant boost of serotonin , great blog post Ib!!!🥰💜💜💜💜

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