It is Day 4!!!!!! I’m getting so excited because we have only 3 days left till BTS’s Anniversary!🤩.

To be honest, I don’t think I can ever get tired of anticipating new content 😭. Even when there’s no new content, I still search for old ones. Especially with being OT7, means I want to capture the actions of all the members therefore, I end up missing out some details. So when I watch it again, I get a new experience every time. Hehe

Now, one content that Armys can NEVER get tired of watching is the number 1 variety show in the world, RUN BTS!!!

For the sake of non-Armys, Run BTS is BTS’s variety show which they release on most Tuesdays. It is super interesting and always very full of laughter which I love so much. It began in 2015 and it’s mainly because then BTS weren’t really treated nicely on most Korean variety shows which they were invited to so they decided to make theirs and of course, it’s THE BEST✨

To give you kinda of a scope of what Run BTS is:

There’s a bunch of cooking
Lots of getting wet 🤩
Guest stars too
Lots of running around
Like I said, laughter
Lots of betrayals😂
And more betrayals 😂💔
There’s tears too for sure
Crazy sleepovers 💤
And of course, eating. Essential!

Basically everything fun in this world is done on Run BTS. So you understand now right? Now let’s move on!

So today, for Day 4 of the Bangtaniversary, Armys are, I guess refreshing their memories of Run BTS. Basically, I compiled a bunch of questions from about 10 random episodes and Run BTS has approximately 150 episodes which is A LOT! I haven’t even watched all of them so…

Cheers to those who watched the episodes I chose!

Introducing the blog guests!

Name: Vyomini From: India Hobbies: Singing, dancing and traveling

Name: Elohor From: Nigeria Hobbies: Eating and Sleeping

Name: Daniela From: Venezuela Hobbies: Sleeping and doing assignments

Name: Elhany From: Indonesia Hobbies: Listening to music; watching drama, anime, movie; reading novel and good books.

Name: Shayma From: Somalia Hobbies: Being a good person like Tae

Name: Nikki From: Philippines. Hobbies: watch Cafe vlogs, cuddle with my dogs, talk to my Bonsai plant (inspired by Namjoon) and scroll my phone for BTS updates

Name: Karlijn From: Netherlands Hobbies: Drawing, painting, writing and playing the piano.

Now let’s get into it! Don’t forget to play along and share your scores in the comments below! Fighting!💪🏽

1. What episode did BTS sing the tomato song when they woke up from a short nap?

Vyomini: 31

Elohor: Episode 31

Daniela: 31

Elhany: Episode 31, variety show of memories.

Shayma: 120

Nikki: 98??? I know this is wrong😂

Karlijn: I’m pretty sure it’s episode 31, I keep going back to that episode😂.

2. In the virtual reality episode, who kept pushing Hobi?

Vyomini: Jin

Elohor: JK

Daniela: Jin

Elhany: V

Shayma: Pass😂

Nikki: Jin

Karlijn: That was Jin. Hobi fell off the building…hahah that was so funny

3. Who got the gold medal and title of “Tennis King” in the Tennis Tournament?

Vyomini: Jin

Elohor: V

Daniela: Tae

Elhany: Kim Seokjin

Shayma: V

Nikki: Jin

Karlijn: Wait, I got confused with this one because of the table tennis one but Jin won the tennis…I think

4. In the episodes where they had to make their own clothes from pieces of other clothing and each member had to wear the design of the member they chose. Who wore RM’s design?

Vyomini: RM

Elohor: He wore his own

Daniela: Tae? Jimin?

Elhany: RM

Shayma: Taehyung

Nikki: His own

Karlijn: I know Jungkook wore the ‘weird’ outfit, idk if that was RM’s design but I think it was, so Jungkook

5. Which member was the worst at the whisper challenge?

Vyomini: Jimin

Elohor: Jimin

Daniela: Jungkook

Elhany: Jimin

Shayma: Pass

Nikki: Namjoon

Karlijn: Jimin, “lachimolala” hahah

6. In the “Flip the bottle challenge”, what did the members say was the reason they were losing?

Vyomini: Bottles are empty (idk actually I’m just guessing)

Elohor: I don’t know😂

Daniela: no lo recuerdo

Elhany: I don’t remember

Shayma: The bottles were not good

Nikki: The water in the bottle was too much??? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m just guessing haha

Karlijn: They said they were losing because two of the bottles were crushed.

7. In the home arcade, when the members were shooting the basketballs through the hoop, did Jungkook cheat or not?

Vyomini: Yes, he did

Elohor: Yes, he cheated

Daniela: Yes

Elhany: Yes

Shayma: No, he didn’t

Nikki: He certainly did! That savage bunny 🐰

Karlijn: Yes, he cheated hahaha

8. Which member’s ink lasted till in the end in the debate episode?

Vyomini: Suga

Elohor: 👀👀

Daniela: no lo recuerdo

Elhany: Jimin

Shayma: Pass

Nikki: Jimin???? 😭 (please be right.)

Karlijn: I think Namjoon?

9. In Run BTS, which team always wins?

Vyomini: Team Kim Seokjin

Elohor: Ummm

Daniela: Jimin team

Elhany: Kim Seokjin team

Shayma: Kim Seokjin

Nikki: team Kim Seok Jin

Karlijn: team Kim Seokjin, according to them of course

10. When the members wrote letters to each other, who complained about the choreographies/dancing?

Vyomini: Jin

Elohor: Jin

Daniela: Jimin

Elhany: Seokjin

Shayma: Jin

Nikki: Jin

Karlijn: I think that was Seokjin

11. Who got sick during the Water Slide games?

Vyomini: JHope and Suga

Elohor: Jimin

Daniela: I don’t know

Elhany: JHope

Shayma: JHope

Nikki: Hobi 🥺

Karlijn: I actually forgot someone got sick, but J-hope did fall in the water alot so I think it might be J-hope

12. Who was the spy in the “Photo Story” episode? where they had to find notes in the school cafeteria and take a picture doing whatever the note says.

Vyomini: Jin

Elohor: Jin

Daniela: hehe

Elhany: Kim Seokjin

Shayma: Jin

Nikki: Jin

Karlijn: It was Jin but Jungkook won the best reaction for when he found out😂✋

13. In the game of charades in ep. 137, what song was Tae trying to act?

Vyomini: Blood, Sweat and Tears

Elohor: No answer😂

Daniela: don’t know👀

Elhany: uhhh

Shayma: DNA

Nikki: I did not pay attention to that part, tbh 😂😂😂

Karlijn: I know he was doing weird things that were so funny😂😭 euhmmm aish wait I know this😭 jeofdjhd!!! OOOHHHH YES I REMEMBER! Blood, sweat & tears!

14. Who broke the Army headstone in the BTS village?

Vyomini: RM and V

Elohor: TaeTae

Daniela: Namjoon

Elhany: V and RM

Shayma: RM

Nikki: I watched that episode in only one seating (I usually watch every episode twice or thrice haha). As far as I remember, the culprit was not found yet. They went through the magic door and the case remained myterious? 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I know V was the spy, and joon & jungkook were also something. hahahaha

Karlijn: I’m going with V

15. Which team won in the BTS School episode?

Vyomini: Team Jeon Jungkook

Elohor: I actually don’t know😂

Daniela: Team Tae

Shayma: Jungkook’s team, I don’t remember the name.

Elhany: Team V

Nikki: I give up. I’m so sorry😂

Karlijn: I think RM’s team. Idk what the team is called😂 but RM’s team, I think

I want to go straight to the answers cause I’m so excited to see who’s going to win😂😂.


1. Run BTS episode 31!

2. Kim Seokjin!

Save Hobi from Run BTS editors 😂😂

3. Also, Kim Seokjin!

I figured a lot of ARMYs would think it’s Taehyung because he’s also very good at playing tennis but in the tournament, Seokjin got the gold medal 🥇

4. RM wore his design😂

The pity we all felt for Jungkook in this scene😂

5. Jimin…My Mochi😭💜

It’s so funny how Hobi initially was like “he’s a bad player” and immediately Jin got it, guy immediately switched to “he’s good”. Meanwhile both he and Jimin were wrong😂😂😭

Funny story, this episode was actually my first experience with BTS. YouTube recommended it to me because I had been casually watching videos of Blackpink and because fans make a lot of videos of Blackpink and BTS together, they would pop up on my page. One beautiful night, they recommended this episode to me and I watched it. I will never regret that night. I remember falling for Jimin cause he was so cute and clueless in the Whisper challenge 😂. Watching that video that night, I didn’t realize the hole I was digging for myself 😂. Don’t regret it, never will💜

6. The bottom of the bottles were crushed

I figured I should remind y’all of this glorious Jimin moment✨

That’s our Park Jimin! 👑

7. Yes, he did. Our naughty maknae😂

8. Park Jimin!

I feel like Yoongi would’ve won tho, if he didn’t write the words the other way round😂😂. Cause his were thin but Jimin made his letters thick😂

9. Kim Seokjin team!

10. Jin 😂

I actually cried during this episode. I cried a lot till Jin’s turn 😂😂. I guess that’s why he did it, to loosen the atmosphere 💜

11. My dear Hobi🥺💜

I know a lot of ARMYs would guess Yoongi cause at a point in the water slide, he was feeling dizzy so I think JK went twice but Hobi was actually the one that fell sick so he had to rest till dinner time.

12. Jin was the spy😂

To be honest, I kinda guessed it was Jin cause he was too relaxed during the game. Everyone was running around trying to grab each other but he was just whining and cat walking into everyone’s photos 😂😂😂.

13. Blood, Sweat and Tears

14. RM (Actor Kim Namjoon) and Taehyung (Rich man V)

15. Team V (RM and Hobi)

That’s it! To be honest, I think this game is just to bring back fun memories of previous Run BTS episodes. for those who have watched these and for those that need recommendations on episodes, here you go.

Tuesday is that day in the week most ARMYs look forward to because thanks to Run BTS, we get to have a good laugh and rewind from Monday’s stress before fully immersing ourselves into the week. Thank you BTS💜✨

And now, the results! Drum roll everyone!!

Vyomini: 11.5/15

Elohor: 6.5/15

Daniela: 4.5/15

Elhany: 11/15

Shayma: 6.5/15

Nikki: 9/15

Karlijn: 12.5/15


1st Place 🥇 ~ KARLIJN!

2nd Place 🥈~ VYOMINI!

3rd Place 🥉~ ELHANY!

And these medals 🏅 🏅🏅🏅 go to ELOHOR, DANIELA, SHAYMA AND NICKI!!!!

Thank you all for making I and ARMYs smile. It was lovely having you on and playing these games with you! Thank you again 💜

That’s it for Day 4! Don’t forget to comment your scores down below and I hope you are anticipating Day 5!

Annyeong! Borahae! 안녕 보라해 💜



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