Blogmas Christmas

Blogmas D’15: Blogmas Bloggers Shoutouts

Ho Ho Ho ‘Tis I!

It’s been 15 days since Blogmas began and I have been having the best time reading posts by some of my favorite bloggers so I thought I’d do a shoutout to them for making Blogmas2021 a very delightful one!

🎄 Living the Blogging Life

This is a collaboration blog. I’m sorry that I don’t know everyone that runs it😞 but they have been so helpful since before Blogmas begun. I really love reading their posts. I look forward to it literally everyday!

🎄 Girl Chat

I have been enjoying Sabrina’s posts so much omg! Her posts have been more personal like Christmas in her own life and I love it so so much!

🎄 Lili’s Not-So-Secret Diary

Ahhh Lili’s posts have been amazingggg✨. I really missed her posts so I’m so glad that she’s participating in Blogmas. I’ve been having the most fun reading her posts.

🎄 Maggie’s Doodles

Maggie’s doodles omg, I live for them! They are so so cuteeee🥺🥺🥺. I really enjoy looking at them and also, I love how she calls hers “Doodlemas” instead of Blogmas, super creative.

🎄 Inside Miriam’s Mind

Miriam’s Blogmas has also been super informative, helpful and very very interesting. I love reading her posts. Love it!

🎄 Flora’s Week Show

Flora is doing a weekly Blogmas and her posts are also super interesting. I look forward to them!

🎄 Krisha’s Twilight

I don’t think Krisha’s participating in Blogmas but she has published some Christmas-y posts. I really enjoyed the post about her redesigning an old phone case. It was super creative.

🎄 Rae-Rae’s Blog

This is Rae’s first Blogmas and I’m so excited for her. I’ve also been enjoying her posts. My favorite is the one about decorating her house. I love seeing Christmas decorations so the post made me really happy. Love your Christmas tree, Rae!

🎄 Dancing for the Holy One

I actually followed Amber’s blog earlier this month so I’m super new to her blog but I have really been enjoying her Blogmas posts so I look forward to more of her posts in the future.

Shoutout to all of you! Your posts have been amazing and I really enjoy reading all of them! You guys are working very hard for this so I’m proud of you all.

Thank you for being a part of my Christmas!

If you’re reading this and you’re also participating in Blogmas, please leave your links in the comments. I’d love to read your posts🥺

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