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Body Stereotypes: Cancelled Pt.II

Hey everyoneee! It’s been a long whileeee 오랜만 !!!✨ I didn’t blog throughout this week, yeah? I only put out the series review cause I felt bad for not putting out anything. Truth is, I fell sick. I was so sick, I couldn’t get out of bed myself. I just finished my prescription last night […]

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Body Stereotypes: Cancelled!

Hey everyoneeeee! How has everyone been doing? I hope your week isn’t nearly as stressful as mine. Todayyyy, as the topic says, we are discussing Body Stereotypes! This topic was actually suggested by one of you😌. Thank you very much. If you have more ideas you want to suggest, something you think I should do […]

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Aloha! Hope everyone is doing great? Thank you for clicking the link, forever appreciate it! Today’s post is actually the second part of the two part “Feminism series” so if you haven’t read the part one just click here . So after discussing Feminism and trying to shed more light the best I could with […]

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Heyyyy guysss!!! Happy Monday! Hold up, when is Monday ever happy? Monday is my WORST day of the week. Literally, the reason I survive through Monday is because I anticipate Friday. Catch me on a Monday morning, I look like the guys in Zombie Apocalypse left one zombie on the loose and that’s me! I […]