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Blogmas D’21: Friendship Test ft Mimi

Hey hey heyyyy Day 20 of Blogmas and I’m back with an interesting post I think y’all might enjoy! So I have my friend here with me today. It’s been a while since I had a non-blogger feature on my blog soooo I thought it’d be fun to do a friendship test. With us here […]

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Blogmas D’17: Reacting to 10 Christmas Jokes

Hey hey heyyyyy Damn day 17🤩 can’t believe I’ve made it this long🥺. Really this is so much fun ah! Today, I’ll be reacting to Christmas jokes! I don’t usually find lots of jokes funny so I don’t have high expectations for these ones😂. I just want to see the kind of Christmas jokes people […]

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Assumptions about me pt.2|Recommend me songs?

Heyyyooooo So today isn’t the regular Blogtober post. I’ve been occupied with planning Jimin’s birthday posts and I also started working last week so I haven’t had time to draft more Blogtober posts but since I already made a commitment of posting everyday in October then I have to do just that. Yes everyone, I’m […]

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HOF’21 (3): My 2021 Lingo

Hey hey heyyyy How are we doing? How is October treating us? Hopefully good! It is Day 3 of Blogtober!!!! Grateful to God that I haven’t given up yet 😂✋🏽and hopefully I make it till the end. Do y’all think I can make it till the 31st?👀 Everyone: YESSS!!! Thank you for your belief in […]

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Reacting to Weverse posts 🤡💜

Hey guysssss It’s Ib here…again! I decided to do something fun with you guys. Today, we’ll be reacting to the first 10 posts on Weverse! If you don’t know about Weverse, it’s an app made for artists and their fans to have a closer relationship with each other. Here, artists share mundane things about their […]

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Assumptions about me😰| 250 followers 🎊

Heyyy guysss!!! It’s a new day and a new week! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. My weekend was lovely ✨. On Saturday was my youngest brother’s birthday and on Sunday, after church we went to see my second brother in his boarding school. I was really happy cause I had missed him so […]

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7 BTS Vlives in a Month|My Reactions|Experience

Annyeong! 안녕! I hope everyone is doing fine. I hope everyone is happy and healthy! I’m excited for today’s post because I know ARMYs everywhere had a freaking crazy experience this past months thanks to Bangtan! For the sake of non-Armys, Vlive is an app that BTS and I think other BigHit artists use for […]

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Hey everyoneeee! First of all, peek the cute image Pavithra made for our collab! I’m not that good at editing 😂. The image is so cuteeeee, I can’t get over it🥺 If you can’t tell, I’m very very excited for this post! Infact, I’m always excited about anything that involves BTS and ARMY🤩. Today, one […]

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200 WP Followers!|Sending DMs to Strangers using Pickup lines Pt. 1

Hey hey hey! First of all, I want to say thank you to EVERYONE! That has clicked my post, liked my post, commented, shared or even just ghost reading😂. Thanks to you I keep crossing more milestones. Earlier this month, I had celebrated hitting 5K views on this blog and today, I’m celebrating 200 WordPress […]

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Firstly, a big thank you to y’all that sent me mails responding to my gratitude letter. I’m touched! Today we will be looking back at 10 of YOUR favorite posts. Yes, I selected the top 10 most trafficked posts meaning the posts with the most engagement. We will be looking back at them basically reminiscing […]