Blogmas D’5: Rating the movies/series I watched in 2022 (II)

Hey guys, it’s Ib!

Back with the second part of me rating the movies and series I watched this year. If you haven’t read the previous post, make sure you do so before continuing this.

Moving on!

Pachinko – 5/10

As much as I love Lee Min Ho, I just couldn’t understand this show and I don’t think it’s that the show is bad, it’s just the genre is not my type. It was a little too “serious” for me.

Abyss – 8/10

I really enjoyed watching this show. I love those “who is the killer?” type of dramas a lot and I love Ahn Hyo Seop

Who Rules the World – 10/10

My first ever Chinese drama and still the only one I’ve watched. I loved it sooo much. I kept wishing it won’t end.

The Sound of Magic – 9/10

I fell so in love with Chang Wook after this drama. He is an amazing actor. So sad that it was only 4 episodes.

Tale of Nokdu- 8/10

This show was funny, cute and beautiful. The acting was top tier and toxic masculinity was crushed!

What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? – 7/10

This show was very cute and the cliffhangers were great. I really disliked his brother at first but I grew to like him.

Little Women – 8/10

Bruh this show was wow! The cliffhangers, the suspense, the twists! I was living for it

I love seeing women be the main leads.

Alchemy of Souls – 8/10

Yooo this show…this show was something else. I can’t wait for season 2 which is actually coming out soon! Yurr Yurr Yurr I’m excited!

Cafe Minamdang – 7/10

This show was sooo funnyyy and so extraaa😂😂 I was skeptic at first but I loved it

Suspicious partner – 10/10

My roommate and I watched this show thrice! It was so interesting

I love a comedic criminal movie. I also love law related shows so this show is a 10/10.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo – 9/10

Like I said, I love law related shows and I also learnt a lot about autism. I heard there’s going to be a season 2 later on so I can’t wait.

Skycastle – 7/10

This was boring at the beginning. I would’ve stopped if not cause it was recommended by a friend but it became thrilling along the line. Some parts were annoying but I would definitely watch it a second time.

If you wish upon me – 8/10

Chang Wook had me on a chokehold this year. His acting is so mesmerizing.

This drama was deep and beautiful. I almost got tired cause like I said, I love thrilling and comedic dramas but I kept going and I lived it. The end was beautiful.

Wednesday – 10/10

There is not a single part of this show that I did not love. I watched all episodes in a day! That’s how much I loved it and I would watch it again. Jenna Ortega is gooddd.

Black panther 2 – 10/10

Loved loved loved loved!!

Marvel simply does not know how to disappoint. The ticket price was crazy high but I enjoyed it.

Warrior nun 2 – 7/10

Warrior Nun always ends in an annoying way like guys come on! Do better!

But the show was great.

Those are all the shows I watched this year!

How many have you watched?


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