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HOF’21 (4): Favorite things I bought in 2021

Hey everyoneee!

It’s Day 4 of Blogtober and I will be showing you all the favorite things I bought this year!!!

Mind you, I am the worst at taking pictures so please pardon my picture taking ability 😭✋🏽.

I bought a number of things this year but these are my FAVORITE! Like I saw these and I just had to get them🥴. Okay so what were the things I spent my money on? let’s get into it!

Firstly, this cute bucket hat

Love the bucket hat cause of the things written around it in English and Hangul. It reminds me of BTS so I got it😗. Plus, I’m in love with things that have scribbles around them even shirts and pants, with lil wordings on them cause when I’m bored, I can sit and try to read them all😂

Next, I got this really cute bracelet!

I bought it cause it reminded me of Hobi’s dog, Mickey

Hobi also has this really cute stuffed Mickey Mouse

So when I saw it, Hobi came to my head straight away!

Also, I love anything silver! Bags, jewelries, any silver accessory basically!

Next is another jewelry cause I love jewelries so much 🧎🏽‍♀️

I got these really cute knuckle rings!

Have I mentioned that I love rings? I love jewelries ALOT but mostly necklaces and rings. There’s something very gentle and classy about jewelries that I just love🥺

Another thing I love buying is stationeries! I love stationeries so much cause they’re so cute and handsy😭.

The pink book is my new Blog book! Where I plan my posts and schedule them. It was just a plain book when I got it but I did a little DIY in it so it’s super cute now. I plan on writing a post on how I decorated it and how I plan my posts so anticipate!

I got sticky notes, stickers, stationary purse and some colored pens that I used in decorating my blog book. That got me really excited!

Last but definitely not the least!

My Butter album!!!

Everything inside the Butter album!

This is probably the thing that got me the most excited. I did a little Unboxing post, if you want to check it out.

I was out of my mind when I saw Yoongi😭✋🏽 and one of my biases, Jimin🥺. I was too too happy!

Well those are my favorites out of everything I got myself this year. I really hope you enjoyed this post and please stick around for more Blogtober posts!

Love youuu🤍


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