Ways To Save Money In School (Ib’s Edition)

Hi! It’s Ib Hope everyone is doing great 🙂 I see tons of post about how you can save money in school and as students, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to save money in school especially when your campus is filled with endless food and bubbling activities so I’ve decided to share […]

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HOF’21: How I saved money in 2021

Hey hey heyyyy I’m back with another “Highlights of 2021” post! I thought this post could be useful to someone here which is why I decided to write it. For anyone that needs the motivation or the push, I hope this will help you🤍 Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve posted everyday in October but WP […]

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HOF’21 (4): Favorite things I bought in 2021

Hey everyoneee! It’s Day 4 of Blogtober and I will be showing you all the favorite things I bought this year!!! Mind you, I am the worst at taking pictures so please pardon my picture taking ability 😭✋🏽. I bought a number of things this year but these are my FAVORITE! Like I saw these […]