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HOF’21: How I saved money in 2021

Hey hey heyyyy

I’m back with another “Highlights of 2021” post! I thought this post could be useful to someone here which is why I decided to write it. For anyone that needs the motivation or the push, I hope this will help you🤍

Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve posted everyday in October but WP cut off my streaks a few days ago and I thought it was just a glitch till I realized that it started from the beginning 🥺. Why you doing me like that, WP?🧎🏽‍♀️I worked so hard for this!

I’m just kidding😂

But seriously, why end my streaks?☹️

Enough complaining, let’s get into why you clicked on this post in the first place. Shall we?

This year, I’ve used two means of saving, both offline and online so we’ll talk about both of them and at the end, I’ll say which I think is more preferable…for me.

Firstly, at the beginning of the year I made this piggy bank (I forgot to take a picture before I left for work). So I saved using my piggybank for the first 5 months of the year but when I moved back to school, I forgot my piggybank at home so I had to find another means of saving.

I started using the app, “PiggyVest”.

I made research on the best saving apps in Nigeria. Kuda, Cowrywise and PiggyVest are the best I’ve seen so far. It’s best to make research on what saving apps work well in your country to make things easier for you in terms of incurring interest, bank to app transactions and so on.

Now which method do I prefer?

I prefer online saving. Offline savings like piggy banks are best for people that don’t have a bank account. You have no place to keep your money except with you (or your parents, which you might not like especially if you’re trying to be independent in your savings) so it’s best to put it somewhere you can’t touch which is a piggybank.

If you can’t buy one, then you can make one but make sure you make the hole small enough to only let money pass through and not your hands 😏. Do not tempt yourself!

It’s easier for me to save online because most of my money is in my account and most of the things I buy, I pay for with my account. To save a certain amount of money, all you have to do is just transfer from your account to the app. There’s also an Autosave feature, you set the date and time you want them to transfer the money for you. It could be daily, weekly or monthly and when it’s time, they just transfer it themselves. It’s that easy.

Also, the more you save, the more interest you make.

In PiggyVest, there are different sections you can save in. I mentioned AutoSave earlier, there’s “FlexNaira” where you can save for emergencies and you can transfer and withdraw for free. You can also enter Saving challenges in the “Target” section, here you set a target for yourself like, “Oh I want to have saved this amount by this time” and you get interests daily for as long as your target keeps going. You can also save along with other people who want to set the same target. This encourages you to save, it’s fun.

My personal favorite is the “SafeLock”. Here, you can save money for a specific purpose and lock it up till the day you set for it to be released.

Guess what?

The gift I’m planning on getting for myself for my second year blogiversary, I mentioned it two months ago. I locked up the money for it in my “SafeLock” till December. That way, I won’t be tempted to spend it till then.

I hope these few points have been able to convince you on why I prefer online saving and also be able to motivate you to save because saving is good!

Do you save? Which method do you prefer? Do you have anything you’re saving for?


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Ohh then you can start preparing towards then
My mum and dad’s friends sometimes tip me when they come to our house and my parents sometimes give me small change so I used to save that a lot


Too many stuff tempts me😂 I’m saving money for Guitar now tho. And I think I have enough now. So that money is gonna go too🤦 I will start saving for BTS concert after the guitar. Or at least will try to😆

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