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Life Update + Snapshots

Heyyyy, it’s Ib ✨

How have you been?? I genuinely want to know.

I decided to come here today to mostly because I miss you guys soooooo much, I’m not even kidding. I miss interacting with my blog buddies. You all became a significant part of my life, I feel bad when I’m not active here so I decided to give you a little update on how my life has been, show you some snapshots and find out how you are doing ☁️

How am I?

Honestly, right now I’ll say I’m pretty stressed 😂. I’ve been working on the clock. I got a writing job and I’m super busy offline as well. I’m just trying to do my best in both jobs. I’ve also been experiencing a lot of pressure from external sources BUT I’m okay.


You know that feeling when you don’t exactly know how you’re feeling? There’s like little moments that make you happy then days of numbness and not exactly acknowledging your feelings.

Then again RM did say, “They say people live to be happy. If you actually think about what happiness is, it’s nothing much. When you get to eat ramen after feeling really, really hungry, that’s happiness.”

The clouds ☁️

Something new I tried?

This was one of my little moments of happiness this month. I got to ride on a boat for the first time and it was amazing. The view was amazing, Stay Alive blasting from my earpiece, the wind was soothing, the entire experience was therapeutic. I loved it!

The birds were having a meeting

Movies I watched

I actually did a lot of watching this month, mostly kdramas. Your girl FINALLY finished All of us are dead. Just like almost everyone in the world, I also watched Business Proposal and 2521. Those little moments of happiness I talked about? Watching these were part of them. They made me laugh a lot especially Business proposal. They were exactly what I needed.

I also watched Lovers of the Red sky, loved it loved it loved it!

Before you ask, of course I watched Bridgerton. Although my dear Simon was nowhere to be found in this season, I really enjoyed it. I think this season was deeper than the first one. Last time I said Eloise was my favorite character, I think this time it’s Daphne.

I rewatched The Greatest Showman and was reminded of how extremely breathtaking Zendaya is in pink hair. I also finally watched The Eternals. You should’ve seen me when Friends started playing! I’m super proud of Jimin and Tae and I also enjoyed the movie. Still don’t know what Harry Styles was doing at the end.

Books I read

Since I’ve been mostly writing and working, I didn’t do a lot of reading. Asides articles and blogs, I read just a book and it was mostly about Easter 😂. I bought it out of curiosity.

I got inspired by a friend to continue writing the book I started on Wattpad in 2020. It’s honestly just for fun so I won’t tell you guys the name…maybe I will when it’s finished. I’m not consistent anyway cause I’m busy but I plan on completing it soon cause I detest leaving things undone.

Look at the pretty moon and the stars forming a triangle

I actually miss being in school. I miss classes, I miss my friends, I just miss feeling extremely motivated which is why I’m not really complaining about having two jobs. I mean asides for the lack of inspiration on what to write about, I’m okay with my writing job.

Still our triangle buddies

New Songs I listened to

With You by Jimin and Ha Sunghoon , beautiful beautiful song. Jimin keeps surprising me everytime. His voice is so beautiful, unreal. Make sure to listen if you haven’t! Also, check out Poorwa’s review on our collab blog💜

I started listening to songs by Mamamoo recently and my personal favorites have been Egotistic and Aya. Their voices are really really good. I was truthfully surprised. If you’re a fan of the group, please recommend your favorites in the comments 🫶🏽.

That’s all I got for you guys today!

So tell me, how’re you? What new things have you tried recently? What books did you read? Movies you watched? What’s your favorite snapshot? Just tell me anything!

Omg y’all, one of my blog besties and Army friend, Pavithra will be graduating soon! I’m not sure if she’s going to blog about it but make sure to congratulate her. I’m super proud of her. She worked really hard these past months so I’m happy for her💜.

Thank you for reading my post😊. Again, sorry for not being consistent at the moment. I’m sure some of you are wondering where the Ib of the past 2 years has gone. Don’t worry she’ll be back.

To my new subscribers, welcome and thank you 🤍☁️.

If you need to, then you can reach me on my contact page


33 replies on “Life Update + Snapshots”

Hey IB! I too missed you a lot. Although we hadn’t been connected well or may be I should say were connected as bloggers only for a short period of time, I still enjoyed reading your blogs often. It’s fun and entertaining. Glad to know you’re doing good. Congratulations for the new job. Keep doing the good work. In between, find time for recreation.

Happy to let you know I am back to blogging as well. I started posting again on my blog and mostly on sundays. Every sunday, there will be one blog post. I am planning to be more consistent this time. I will try XD. Take care 🙂

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Awww we truly haven’t fully connected well and I hope we do! Thank youu🤍. I’m happy to hear that you’re also back. Let’s be more consistent okay? 😂❤️


Hey Ib! It’s nice to hear from you again 😀 I’ve been good!
Ooh, I love the night sky picture. it’s so gorgeous 💖 and the other pictures too, but that one’s my favourite.
I can relate to you missing school. 😦 I have holidays right now, till mid- june.

I love the greatest showman! I’ve only watched it once but it’s one of my favourite musicals. (Well, to be fair I haven’t watched a lot of musicals but this one is great 😂)

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Heyyy, happy to hear that you’re doing okay. I don’t even know when we’re resuming cause universities are currently on strike here but I hope they call it off soon.
I haven’t watched a lot of musicals either😂😭 did you watch Encanto ??

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Hey Ib!! Ah you took a long time in posting this girl, I missed you so much, but I understand. Congrats on your new job! I’m now even more excited to watch Business proposal and 2521, “you know I have no chingu” lol🤣
I’m loving With You so much, it’s like they created heaven together. I haven’t listened to many songs from Mamamoo but I really love Starry Night, you should definitely check it out (the MV is fascinating).

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Hey I hope you’re doing well! I missed you! I went on a blogging break, I got the feeling that there’s some part I genuinely miss about bloggers and interacting. Good luck on your jobs! I love Jimin’s new song. BUT HAVE YOU HEARD YOONGI IN THAT THAT YET?!!
I looooove your pictures♥♥
Have a great day Ib!

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Heyyy Ib! I have been good what about yourself? I know you said you’re OK but talk to me! Congrats on landing the writing job, I wish you the best of luck. I hope things get easier and that the stress lessens. Going on a boat is on my bucket list. My mom has been on one and she said it’s relaxing 🧘. You write on Wattpad? How’s that been going🙃? How have you been managing having two jobs by the way?

I haven’t been doing much. Haven’t really read but I did watch a few movies. My favorite being Rolls Bounce.

I myself haven’t been very consistent but since a new month is starting, it’s a “fresh” start. Just try not to push yourself too hard. Take your time. Sure I miss the “Ib of the past two years” but as you’ve said, she is still there. I know she is, she’s just been busy👐.

Again, I hope things get better🌼. And I love the snapshots🎆

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Heyyy Sab! I’m okayy. Omg I’m so touched seeing your comment🥺 I missed you. Thank you!! I hope they do too
Oh you should definitely try it. It’s very calming.
I don’t really write like that on there😂 I’m on my third book. It’s a trilogy.
Having two jobs is really stressful but I’m okayy.
Yesss, a fresh start. I hope I’m able to at least publish once a week this month. Thank youu🥺🥺🫶🏽


HEYYYYYYYY IB!! I’ve been so so good, wbyy? im glad that ur doing okay! i hope you do better than okay soon, though.

THE TRIANGLE BUDDIES SNAPSHOT IS SO CUTEEE awww i love all of them tho :))) goodjob on clicking those pictures!!
i love mamamoo!! you should listen to hip (if you havent), yes i am, gogobebe, starry night, wind flower aand i cannot remember more 😂😂AND I LOVE THE SONGS U MENTIONED!!
its so good to see ya again <33 tc

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Thank youuu🥺
I know right!
Oh I’ve heard all these asides yes I am and wind flower. I’ll definitely listen to them. They’re really goodddd
I missed you!💜

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Hello, IB! Welcome back.

I really missed hearing from you — honestly.

My fave pic was ‘Sunrise’

You rode on a boat with music playing? Ohhh that must have be truly… what’s the word: tranquil… with a little bit of thrilling. 😀 I can only imagine how cooling the wind must have been, and that oceany smell. Oh!
I’ve never ridden on a boat anyway. Lol

Aww. The whole ASUU issue is be very saddening, I can only imagine how you guys feel. 😦 I hope it’s over soon.

Welcome back, IB. I hope you get the hang of coping with stress from your jobs.

Wishing you well! 😀 😀 😀 ❤

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Thank you Vanessa🥺. I missed you tooo.
Oh it’s really beautiful. You should definitely try it, it’s everything you imagine I promise.
I hope it’s over soon too. It’s disheartening
Thank youu❤️❤️❤️

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