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It’s been a whileeeee since I last did a series review and I don’t know why cause I’ve watched a lot of series after Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Bridgerton

Well today, I’ll be reviewing Memorist!

This series has everything I want in a series and I have been recommending it to everyone! So I’m recommending it to you now!

Memorist is the story of Dong Baek, a telepathic detective. Basically, when he makes contact with someone, he can see their memories and also feel the feelings that come with the memories.

He decided to put his work into good use by becoming a detective and of course, everything was going well, all the bad guys were getting caught, he was considered a hero, national treasure till people found out that it wasn’t only the criminal’s memories he read but also normal citizens. He needed to because anyone might’ve seen or come in contact with the criminals without knowing so it helps him to know the places the criminal went, the car he/she took, who they came in contact with etc. But of course, people started to protest that reading of memories was invasion of privacy blah blah blah

This is like a preamble😂. The main story began when series of kidnappings started occurring specifically teenage girls. Then every Tuesday, a dead body of a girl was found in some random place with killings of the same pattern.

I don’t want to spoil it too much for you though😩 so I’m going to stop there. All I’ll say is whoever you think is the serial killer or as they called them, “The Eraser” is not.

The series is a very thrilling one and that’s what I look for in books and movies. Anything that would get my brain twirling, that would get me so excited, that’s what I love and this series is all that.

Dong Baek is also very visually appealing 😌 and his humor is top notch!

There’s always the foolish trio, of course

The people we want to date that may or may not end up dating😉

If you like thriller, suspense, crime, serial killers, murder, humor, action, good looking people then this is the series for you!

I think the cast did an amazing job bringing this series to life. They all did so well, you can literally feel the emotions as you keep watching it. Whoever wrote the story deserves a massive applause cause it’s a great story. No one could guess the ending! I mean, I didn’t and I’ve read my fair share of criminal books.

This is probably my series of 2021. I won’t say cause we still have 5 months to go but this is my best so far.

Actually, I’m about to watch Vincenzo so let’s hold that thought till after I’m done with that then we can decide cause a lot of people have hyped Vincenzo a lot so let’s see if it’s worth it.

Hope you enjoyed my review. Please watch it and tell me what you think!


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