The Difference Between Goals And Manifestations

I’m someone that loves to make manifestations while anticipating the new year, a new month, a new phase in my life.

I believe in manifestations more than goals, actually. Sometimes goals can sound pressuring and can make you anxious, you also feel extra down when you don’t end up fulfilling those goals. Whereas with manifestations, it’s more like saying this will happen to me or this is what I want or I would love for this to happen. Unlike with goals which can be a little bit demanding.

With goals, you have to have a plan to which you will follow to achieve that goal. For instance, “I have to do this and that to be able to earn this”. That’s a goal

While with manifestations, it’s mostly based on the law of attraction which states that “what you focus on is what will come to you”. If you focus on good things, good things will come. If you focus on negative thoughts, that’s what it’ll attract.

You have to believe that you will get that thing you want. No doubts, no skepticism, you must think and speak that dream into existence. Surround yourself with that dream, you’re closing your eyes and visualizing yourself living that dream. You create vision/mood boards that you can always look at to feel inspired whenever you feel like giving up.

In The Secret, Byrne writes, “The Law of Attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the universe.”

Now of course, dreams don’t come through without hard work. What manifestations does is just to help you visualize your dream. When you can see yourself living in that dream, it helps and motivates you to want to do as much as you can till you can actually live that dream in reality.

How about we try manifesting something together?

My manifestation: I would’ve hit 600 followers on WordPress before my birthday this year.

Now your turn. Manifest something you want to happen before August this year, in the comments and on my birthday, we’ll see if it happened or not. Remember the most important thing is to completely believe that you will get it, think positive and let the universe bring it to you.

Shall we?


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