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Heyyyyy, it’s Ib!

Yo! I have to share something peculiar that has been happening to me and I hope someone has like an explanation or something cause I’d love to hear it.

Since the ending of last year, there are instances when I randomly check the time and I’ve been seeing recurring numbers and yeah, it happens to a number of us once in a while but it has been more than normal since this year and I just think that there has to be a meaning behind it, yeah?

These are three days it has occurred. I forgot to take screenshots of the rest.

Anyways so my friend told me to Google it and Google sure had a lot to say about it. At first I was seeing stuff like Angel 2222 and Angel 1919 then I saw other stuff like the universe is sending signs blah blah. Anyways, like I’ve said before, I’m average when it comes using technology so I probably didn’t search it properly so anyone who has like an idea on stuff like this then please DM me in my social media handles down below or you could probably leave a comment down below as well so others can learn. Thank you!

Yooooooooooo so moving on to our topics of discussion todayyyyyyyy. I will be reviewing or simply put, sharing my thoughts onnnnn

Chilling adventures of Sabrina season 4!


Bridgerton season 1!

I don’t know why I’m acting like I’m just revealing it when it’s boldly written in the title😂.

To be honest, these two are so far apart in genre. Sabrina is more of supernatural, fiction, fantasy and Bridgerton is more of Historical drama and romance. I don’t know why I’m reviewing them in the same post but the more the merrier😂. Besides it is said, do not put for tomorrow what you can do today.

Me acting like I don’t procrastinate my entire life

Anyways anyways anyways, I’m excited because y’all know how much I love love love watching series and how I especially love to talk about them. Most of my friends know me to spoil series a lot cause I just can’t hold it in so rather than spoil it for them, imma spoil right here so you have the liberty to read or not (whether you read or not, still share the link. Gracias) so take a seat and grab a drink as I offload every single emotion I felt in these series!

Beginning with CAOS!

First of all, I want to mention something or someone that irritated me throughout this season. No no, not Blackwood, I’m used to him already but you see Miss Wardwell…

I don’t even know if I should call her naive or just brain dead. She is just so easy to manipulate and I had always found it funny but this season, she was just dumb😂. First of all, you claim to be a strong Christian but one stranger walks up to your door and invites you to the “Dark church”. Even the name should scare you away but you still went. Worst of all, the priest preached about embracing darkness and how the light won’t save you and you easily agreed. How are you even a Christian in the first place?!?!😂😂. It baffles me every single time!

The Childbirth

This scene was so beautiful, I don’t know why. It was frightening as well, trust me but it was so powerful seeing all the women share Lilith’s pain. Oh my God, my heart was literally beating fast. I loved it! Might I say, Prudence’s performance was exceptional!

Absolutely Oscar worthy!

Dark Mother Hecate

The feminist in me is always so giddy when I see series/movies/songs/anything that empower women and show their strengths and weaknesses. I was so happy when they stopped worshipping the Dark Lord and started worshipping Dark Mother Hecate in season 3 and then throughout season 4.

Looking for Girl Power in one clip, this is it.

Actually I don’t know which I like more between this one and the bus scene in Sex Ed, probably the bus scene cause I can relate to it more than I can relate to witches.

Discovery of Self-love

Low key, it was refreshing to see Sabrina battle with her loneliness and craving for love cause most books and stories sometimes forget to show that the hero/heroine does breakdown sometimes and that the heroine does feel depressed over wanting someone to love them. I loved seeing her go through the journey of discovering self-love. Also, was it just me that felt that the reason she felt that way was because there were two of her so she wasn’t actually complete. You get?


It cannot be just me, it cannot be just me that screamed when Nick confessed his feelings for Sabrina. I literally flew out of my seat like oh my God! I just knew it! I just knew it couldn’t be over! They’re Endgame!

My Favorite Scene

Omg the time Nick sang with her so she wouldn’t lose her consciousness when they were trying to decay her brain so the Weird One would evacuate, that was the cutest scene in the entire season!

I know that I’m all for Nabrina. Nick and Sabrina are endgame for sure but I hate to say that I don’t like the ending of CAOS. Why did they have to show Sabrina in the Hereafter or Afterlife or whatever it was called? Why did Nick have to kill himself to go to her? She looked perfectly peaceful! Infact, I would’ve been very happy if it had ended with Prudence butchering Father Blackwood. It was so satisfying so why did they have to do that to me😭😭😭😭!

Anyways, Sabrina has come and gone. Forever rated a 10 in my heart.


First of all, I give this series a 10 already. Why? Because anyone who knows me knows that I have a strong affinity for the British accent especially when it is voiced in a posh and exquisite manner as of those in the archaic age. That’s why I love The Witcher, Harry Potter, now Bridgerton and even one of the reasons I watched Enola Holmes. There’s just something about it that is so pleasing to my ears! If you want to kidnap me, just find Henry Cavill and make him speak in a British accent to me and I’m all yours. I just can’t help it.

The Uniqueness

Another thing I loved about Bridgerton is the effort they put into the series. When I watch series, I always take note of the littlest things. I can’t help it, every audio, stage prop, literally everything and in Bridgerton, single detail was taken care of.

Every episode kept you wanting more. Apparently, they had to make hundreds of dresses for just Daphne alone! And imagine all the extras they had for the balls. The jewelries, the locations (they actually used locations that were used in those regency days), the queen’s massive wigs! Not once did she repeat a wig in the entire season!

Everything was so different and very fascinating but do you know what fascinated me the most?

The fact that they turned our modern songs into ball music! See these guys play Shawn Mendes’s “In my blood”, Billie Eilish’s “Bad guy”, so many other songs by our favorite artists and just watch how they turned these songs into ballroom music. I was literally in awe and these little details are I think, what captured so many people.

Shawn Mendes must be so proud!
Ariana Grande’s Thank You, Next

Might I add, that it was very educating and enlightening to see what women in those days experienced. The fact that a lady’s entire worth is summed up to how fast you can get married or how many suitors find you eligible.

Sex education and Child birth

Also, the series showed the importance of sex education at a young age. If Daphne’s mother had told her about marriage, sex and how children are birthed, Simon wouldn’t have been able to have deceived her.

Even Marina’s story might’ve been different if she had been well informed. I mean the girl thought she was in love! Now she’s pregnant and her lover didn’t write her back and her world was crumbling. What did you expect her to do?😭. Although, I wish she had told Colin. He’s so sweet, I’m sure he would’ve understood.

It was so funny how in those days, the only way you could know if you were pregnant was if your time of the month arrived and you didn’t stain your bed sheet😂. Thank God we have pregnancy tests now! Why would anyone intentionally ruin their bedsheets😭?! J

Diversity in Cast

It was nice to see the diversity in the cast, the protagonists being from different races. I read some critics saying that it was too diverse but to me, it wasn’t…at all.

My favorite character is Eloise

Because she’s just so annoying yet very interesting. First of all, her facial expressions are priceless!

Just look at her face! 😂

Also, this kind of series wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t one girl who doesn’t want to conform to the standards set for a lady, who doesn’t want to just get married and have children. That one character that wants to test the waters and do something daring rather than wear a corset and dance at balls and that character was Eloise😂.

She is hilarious! Especially while she was trying to uncover Lady Whistledown’s identity, not knowing that it was actually her best friend!

I kind of knew it was Penelope, after the time when Marina was trying to deceive Colin to marry her without telling him that she was pregnant and then Lady Whistledown exposes her. The only people that knew she was pregnant were the Featheringtons and I doubt the mother has energy for that, her only concern was her children finding suitors so that left only the children.

The first two sisters obviously don’t have the brain for that which left only Penelope, plus she had feelings for Colin so she took it personal. Another thing that gave it away was the time the Queen was angry that Lady Whistledown didn’t say a word about her luncheon and that was when it clicked cause she basically talks about every single gathering so she obviously didn’t talk about that one because she wasn’t present! Because of the whole scandal stuff. That was when I knew but it was still exciting to see her take off the hood and smirk😂.

I can’t wait for Eloise to find out that it’s her best friend she has been searching for all these while.

The saddest scene

To me, was when Daphne had her period at the concert, meaning she wasn’t pregnant. It was so painful to watch😔. I felt so bad for her and then Simon’s expression was just beyond words 😔.

My Favorite Scene

Y’all want to know my favorite scene? The fight scene between Anthony, Daphne’s brother and Simon. I enjoyed the back and forth bashing before they started throwing punches. Hilarious!😂

Honestly, I pitied Anthony throughout the entire series. Just cause he’s the first born son, the pressure of being perfect and following after his father’s footsteps, he was afraid of being public with the person he loved or even doing anything selfish for his sake. Everyone with their struggles, to be honest.

Yo, is it only me that wonders how they get new born babies for these series.

Do they go to hospitals to pay the parents to be able to use the babies or does every series have a cast or crew member with a new born baby and most importantly, do they write the baby’s name as part of the cast cause… I know it’s not just me that wonders about these things. I should probably google it.

I’m so excited that Netflix has already renewed it for a Season 2!!! Ahhhhh oh my Gaddddd!

Anyways, hope you guys love my review. Netflix should honestly hire me! I would do a fantastic job. Anyone reading this that knows anyone at Netflix, put in a word for me. Imma pray for you😂.

By the way, online classes start today so I might not be posting content as much as before but trust me, I’ll try. Even if it’s just to come and blab about nonsense😂 but I’m afraid the guest-based content might be scarce cause I wouldn’t want to inconvenience or distract anyone. Yeah, that’s it!

Hope you guys enjoyed my review as much as I enjoyed reviewing them.

Don’t forget to share the link, like and also comment down below if you’ve watched any of the series, which you preferred and who your favorite characters are and why. Love y’all 🤍



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