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Vincenzo Cassano 🤩

Anyone that hasn’t watched this movie by now is probably living under a rock cause howwwww????

Anyways, if you haven’t watched it…


I’m going to be bold and say this is probably “ONE of the best” Kdramas that has ever been made. It’s also one of the few kdramas with a VERY GOODLOOKING villian.

The way everyone at the beginning had absolutely no clue he would be the owner of Babel Group.

He was so cuteee!

And when he would casually switch from Korean to English…very attractive. Incase you don’t know, I find multilingual people very attractive. Just putting it out there incase Namjoon or this man up here, Ok Taecyeon sees this

Anyways, I think he did an exceptional job. All the cast did an amazing job!

We can’t talk about Vincenzo without mentioning Vincenzo Casanova, himself! I’m sorry I mean, Cassano🤧. I can’t count how many times his name was mentioned in just an episode not to mention the entire season😂 and it was mentioned in all kinds of accents, dialects, intonations, please😂😂

Vincenzo (Song Joong Ki) did an amazing job. He truly is the star of the movie. We can’t forget his beautiful sidekick, Cha Young (Jeon Yeo bin)

P.S: love this scene, ah!

She’s extremely beautiful and very talented… one of the best female kdrama leads if I must say.

She and Vincenzo had great chemistry. We truly love to see it!🤩

Like I said in the last series review, almost every movie, if not every, has it’s iconic trio!

I present to youuuuuuu: The Jipuragi Law firm😂

Mr Nam made me laugh a lot! There’s something about his facial expressions that’s just funny😂 and the day they acted like a psychic shrine. I was rolling!😂

My sister always complains that when I write stories, I like to use many characters or I like watching movies with too many characters while she can’t keep up. That’s one of the reasons I love Vincenzo. The main characters are many! With different clashing personalities 😂


Very hilarious set of human beings😂

And the way they went from




At the end of the movie is truly beyond all of us😂

My favorite tenant is

Our President of Vincenzo fan club 😂😂

“Oh my Corn Salad”, I mean Oh my Consigliere 😂😂

He wasn’t really a tenant, though 🧐. Anywaysssss!

Of course, we should appreciate the villian squad!

There were a lot of villains but this is THE SQUAD!

Y’all remember the psychic maniac from Memorist (the last series I reviewed)? That’s the man😩 and the way the two roles he played are so contrasting but he did incredibly well in both!

We have the man who didn’t deserve to die but eventually did 🥺. I was so pained 💔

Vincenzo is a whole ass ride from laughter, anger, violence, death, betrayal, love, joy, suspense, you get to really feel it all.

What made it more interesting was the fact that I and my roommates watched it at the same time😂. We didn’t start at the same time so one person was behind, another was too forward, Praise was completely lost😂.

Funniest part is we would be reacting to different scenes at the same time😂. I could be reacting to the scene where Vincenzo’s mother died and another person would be watching the kissing scene. Mixed reactions everywhere but it was so fun.

Anyways, I think I’ve said all I can say. I don’t want to go into too deep for the people that might want to see it after this.

Thank you for clicking my link and reading all through. If you’ve watched Vincenzo, tell me in the comments which scene and which character were your favorites.

Please do be a sweetheart and follow me on my social media handles. Link in those cute circles below. You can interact with me there, if you like. Goodbye and Love you!🤍


14 replies on “SERIES REVIEW: Vincenzo”

I have heard so much praise for this show but haven’t gotten down to watching it! I actually haven’t had the heart to watch any other K-drama after seeing ‘Crash Landing On You’ because I CRIED SO MUCH while watching it.
Also how hot is Hyun Bin? This villain guy is hot too!

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Ah, “Crash landing on You”! That’s also on my list of Kdramas to watch! I cry while watching almost every movie😂. Hyun Bin omg! He was in “Memories of Alhambra”. You should definitely watch Vincenzo and tell me whenever you need anymore recommendations 😌


Aaagh, the best dark comedy kdrama I’ve ever watched!! ❤️
Seriously, every squad is iconic here 🔥
Joongki acting!!? I’m speechless 😭❤️
I loved how they made the plot and the characters hilarious, interesting and serious at the same time. I had so many ‘wow’ moments while watching 🤧

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