Ways To Save Money In School (Ib’s Edition)

Hi! It’s Ib

Hope everyone is doing great 🙂

I see tons of post about how you can save money in school and as students, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to save money in school especially when your campus is filled with endless food and bubbling activities so I’ve decided to share MY way that’s works for me.

Disclaimer: This post is mainly for humor purposes so do not take ALL my words seriously.

💸 Stay Indoors

Although in this day and age, you don’t really need to leave your room to spend money but you’ll spend less than you would if you’re the one to spend IN and OUT of your room.

It’s when you go out that you spot that cute skirt or comfy jeans or nice top or that meal that you didn’t know you were craving till you saw it, but if you don’t go out then you don’t and therefore, you’re spending less 😌

💸 Pack foodstuff from home

I can’t be the only one that does this. Sometimes when I’m resuming for a new semester or I go home just for the weekend and then back to school, I usually pack a few foodstuff with me. Just easy stuff that would be easy to carry like spaghetti, a portion of rice, oats, tomato pastes, food seasoning, you know those small stuff.

That way, I don’t have to spend too much money on foodstuff and less eating out.

💸 Have a Saving App/Account

Okay, this one I’m being serious. If you’re really trying to save, open a separate account or app where you can actually save.

If you put all your money in one account and you think you’re saving by not spending it, you won’t realize when you actually do spend it. So I would highly suggest having a separate place for your savings where you can actually follow up on how you’re saving.

💸 A Cheat Day

I have this thing I just started incorporating into my lifestyle.

I used to be the type to buy soda almost everyday and I used to eat out a lot but now I tell myself “Ib, don’t spend too much during the week then on Sunday you can treat yourself to a really nice meal”. That helps me spend less. I still buy soda but not as much as I normally would 😂

These are some tips to help you save more.

I hope you enjoyed my post!

What ways do you save better? Do you also have cheat days?

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I love food but it is the main reason for me being broke😂. That and not having a job😂😪. My cousin actually does that. Sundays after church is her cheat day😂. I guess it’s better to do that than constantly spend money 🤸‍♀️.

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