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HOF’21: Favorite Blog Series of 2021

‘Tis I!

I’m here, once again, like every other day since the beginning of the month.

At this point, I don’t even know if I should still be greeting you cause it feels like our conversation doesn’t end. Like we’re just taking a break and coming back😂. Anyone else doing the Blogtober feel like this? Let me know I’m not the only one💀

Since I told you about My Favorite Collabs and Features, I think it’ll only be fair if I talk about my favorite series this year as well. I love all my series because it takes deep thought to decide to go ahead with a series.

These are my favorite series of 2021, in no particular order:

• The Reason Why…

This series was so fun! Infact I’d probably do it again.

First was The Reason Why Girls, where 6 ladies answered the anonymous questions that you sent in. Y’all asked some very interesting questions. Then we also did The Reason Why Guys, 6 guys also answered anonymous questions on men.

It was very fun! My favorite out of the two is the Girls post, maybe cause I’m a lady but the guests really cracked me up😂😂

• Body Stereotypes: Cancelled

Just like the ones above, this series had two posts; one for male and one for female.

I was originally just going to stop it at Body Stereotypes: Cancelled but one of my readers messaged me and said he would like to read a male’s perspective as well. Which was why I did Body Stereotypes: Cancelled pt.II. I was very glad I did it because I got lots of feedback from people saying they didn’t realize men are also greatly affected by the stereotypes media has set for them.

The series was very enlightening, I love it🤍

• Feminism

Feminism yayyy🤩🤩

I had a lovely interview with 6 lovely ladies on what feminism is, the belief that men and women are equal and their experiences in Nigeria that show that the country is far behind on the quest for equality.

You all loved the interview so much and you had questions to ask so we did second part where they answered your questions.

It was also a very interesting and enlightening series.

The Bangtaniversary

The Bangtaniversary!!! This series took me about 3 months to put together everything.

It was to celebrate BTS’s 8th anniversary with other Armys. We had Q/As, played games and shares our stories. It was so much funnnn!

I almost thought I wouldn’t be able to go through with it because it was so stressful schooling and planning it at the same time but thankfully, it happened and I’m very glad💜

Dissecting D-2

D-2 by Agust D🤩

This series is one of my personal favorite. It was fun trying to breakdown this mixtape and share my thoughts on certain lyrics and also hype my man, Agust D🤩. Lili also featured to talk about “Daechwita” and she nailed it!

It was too much fun and I plan to finish it some day.

That concludes today’s post! It was very fun looking back as all these series. Y’all should definitely try it!

Thank you for reading till the end. Love y’all!🤍

Have you read any of these series? Which is your favorite?


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