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HOF’21 (5): How I got my driver’s license in Nigeria

Hey hey heyyy

It’s been a very short while…only a day😂

But how are you doing?! How is life? I hope it’s going good, if not great✨

It’s still Blogtober and as you know my theme is “Highlights of 2021” where I would be sharing with you different things I did this year. Today, I will be taking you through how I got my driver’s license!

There’s that notion that getting your driver’s license in Nigeria is stressful but I don’t think it was all that stressful for me. I actually just finished the process that’s why I’m writing this post😂

I attended a driving school last year. Of course if you want a driver’s license you have to learn how to drive 😂. Driving lessons took me about a month, but that’s if you’re a fast learner. Some take 2 months or more and if you have experience in driving, maybe you’ve been learning by yourself at home then you can attend the school for less than a month.

After getting your certificate, you go to a Driver’s License office closest to you to begin your processing.

Once you’ve got your form downloaded and payment made, then you visit the VIO (Vehicle Inspection Officers). You’ll be given a written test

My test questions
I was shy cause the man was watching me so I just sneakily took pictures 😂

After the written test, they’ll run you through a few road signs and then you do an eye test to make sure you can see the road properly. I wear glasses so I used my glasses during the test since I’ll be driving with my glasses.

Anyways, I passed 😌

Then there’s also a practical test. The officer would take you for a test drive, if you drive well then you’re good to go!

After they approve your form, you’ll go to the FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps) for your data capturing.

I hate data capturing cause for some reason I’m always very awkward when taking pictures 😂 then for some reason, I always get confused about which is my left or right hand when I need to do a thumb print. The officer was probably wondering if I’m okay😂

Oh, one of the officer’s initials is JK🥺 BTS literally follows me everywhere 😂


After my data capturing, I was handed my temporary driver’s license which I will be using for now till when the permanent comes out which will be in a month’s time.

And that is the process of getting your driver’s license in Nigeria😌

It was really fast, no long queues but that’s probably dependent on the station you go to😂. I went to Iru VI station

So that concludes today’s post! Your girl is now a licensed driver 🤩🤩🤩

Let’s end this post before my brain swells😂

Do you know how to drive? Have you gotten your driver’s license and what was it like in your country? Let’s talk in the comments 🤍✨


31 replies on “HOF’21 (5): How I got my driver’s license in Nigeria”

Lmaoo the start rhymes its so cute!
BTS is like meant to follow us everywhere, I think its like a spell now 😂😂
I love the edited picture (the one with the “i pretend not to see” one lmaoo)
I get confused with the right and left part too! Idk if its out of nervousness (not in my case) but like in school, this happens 😂😂💜 So you’re not alone I guess…

Loved this post!

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I’m so sorry✋🏽😭, I thought it was another Aisha that I knew. I forgot WordPress can recommend your blogs to others too💀
Anywaysssss, welcome to this atmosphere! I hope you enjoy it


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