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HOF’21 (3): My 2021 Lingo

Hey hey heyyyy

How are we doing? How is October treating us? Hopefully good!

It is Day 3 of Blogtober!!!!

Grateful to God that I haven’t given up yet 😂✋🏽and hopefully I make it till the end. Do y’all think I can make it till the 31st?👀

Everyone: YESSS!!!

Thank you for your belief in me. You all keep me going🥺

Okay, jokes aside!

We as humans are constantly evolving, our tastes are constantly changing, our likes and dislikes, our style, literally everything changes. I know I have changed ALOT recently and that is why today, we will be looking at words that my keyboard has normalized during the past 9 months!



I don’t know if y’all know (I don’t think so) but I officially came out as a BTS ARMY on February 18th (P.S: Hobi’s birthday). I had known about BTS since last year but I wanted to take the time to really really know them and Armys before coming out to say I’m a fan.

Point is, ever since becoming an Army, I’ve been introduced to a lot of words that aren’t said on a normal day…except you’re an Army.

Bias~ A bias, put in easy terms, means your favorite member. You love all 7 but this particular person just strikes a cord in your heart, could be the way they dress or sing or walk, literally anything. My biases are Hobi and Jimin✨

Selca~ Selca is a Korean slang word for “Self-camera” which practically means selfie. Tae finally decided to bless us with a selca last week after all these months😭✋🏽.

But I believe you have to be OT7 first before choosing a bias, you don’t even have to have a bias💅🏽 which leads us to the next word.

OT7~ An OT7 Army is someone that loves all member equally. Periodt✨

Borahae (보라해)~ In English means, I purple you which is a line Tae made up and they have copyright on it so 😌💜

“Purple is the last color of the rainbow colors. Purple means I will trust and love you for a long time.”

Tae, 3rd Muster on November 12, 2016.

Annyeong (안녕)~ This is a greeting in Korean, just like Heyyy or Hello.

Vlive/Weverse~ These are fan apps. I’ve given extensive explanations for both apps in previous posts.


7 BTS Vlives In A Month

Reacting to Weverse Posts

Namjooning~ this is the act of living as Kim Namjoon, leader of BTS. This means riding bicycles, taking long walks, visiting museums, hiking, admiring nature etc.

There are many more words but my brain isn’t working right now 💀 so if you’d like to check them out, then visit this this site!


Yoruba is my native language/ my mother’s tongue and even though I’m not “perfect” at speaking it yet. There are a few words that can’t leave my mouth..or keyboard😂

Ibeere~ Ibeere in English means “question” but I say it in a sarcastic way anytime someone asks me a dumb question 😂

Eg: “Ib, did you wake up this morning”

Me: Ibeere

Iya~ this is what we call old women but for some reason I call my friends and especially my sister, Iya 😂

English? I think

Bruv/Bruh~ I don’t know who taught me this but anytime I’m annoyed, I call everyone bruh😭

Iyeeeeee~ This is what I say when something surprises me😂

Ayeeeeee~ This is what I say when I’m excited or trying to hype someone up.

No one ask me how I came up with those last two words, thank you😂

And that concludes today’s Blogtober post! Stay excited for tomorrow’s!

What words did you add to your lingo this year? Have you made up your own word before? Please share in the comments! I’d love to know 🤍✨


10 replies on “HOF’21 (3): My 2021 Lingo”

Pls I’m doing the Blogtober challenge and I feel you bahahaksjds
Namjooning sounds aesthetic doesnt it? 😌
Also after Tae said “Purple is the last color of the rainbow colors. Purple means I will trust and love you for a long time” he literally went like “Okay yeah I made that all up” 😂😂💜

you came out as an army on hobi’s bdayy? aww sweet :DD

loved this post and dont give up!! you shall make it till the 31st! 💜

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Yes it does😭
Tae is so cute😂💜

Yes I diddd, I waited so it could be on a day I would remember 😂

Thank you!! Fighting to us both!💜

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