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200 WP Followers!|Sending DMs to Strangers using Pickup lines Pt. 1

Hey hey hey!

First of all, I want to say thank you to EVERYONE! That has clicked my post, liked my post, commented, shared or even just ghost reading😂. Thanks to you I keep crossing more milestones. Earlier this month, I had celebrated hitting 5K views on this blog and today, I’m celebrating 200 WordPress followers! Thank you to all my WordPress buddies, love y’all 🤍

I thought so hard of what I should do to celebrate because like I mentioned before celebrating small wins will lead to big ones. I thought and thought and thought of what I should do to celebrate with you guys so it doesn’t seem like I’m the only one celebrating so I came up with this idea!

I think it’s fun, I don’t know, my sense of humor might be quite low😂

So I decided, let’s DM random strangers with some of our favorite or cringe pick up lines. Strangers to me but not strangers to you, of course.

Basically, you’re going to tell me a pick up line and then give the handle of who you want me to DM. If you don’t have someone then that’s completely fine, I’ll just dm one of my random moots on Twitter 😂. Then I will show their reactions in the second part of this series.

Now, some of my non-WP readers have complained that commenting is difficult because they have to sign in blah blah so instead of commenting, I created a google form so you can just click here! to fill the form.

Blog besties, you can comment yours down below if you want.

Incase you missed it, here’s the form to fill if you want to participate !

Looking forward to reading your pickup lines and seeing the reactions of your friends😂.

Thank you again for 200 WP followers and currently 6K views. Appreciate and Love y’all 🤍


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