#blogging Humor Milestones Review


Firstly, a big thank you to y’all that sent me mails responding to my gratitude letter. I’m touched!

Today we will be looking back at 10 of YOUR favorite posts. Yes, I selected the top 10 most trafficked posts meaning the posts with the most engagement.

We will be looking back at them basically reminiscing and maybe I could share a few thoughts or behind the scenes moments. I think it’ll be fun, it’s also good to look back, you know?

Note: the posts are in no particular order. At first I was just picking the ones I felt like I had something interesting to say on but then I just decided to do the top 10 so the posts aren’t arranged accordingly. Also, I’ll be inserting the link as the heading so if you want to go back and read it (if you haven’t), it’s easy for you.

1. Thyme For Culinary Arts

I still am so in love with this post! Maybe cause it’s about food? I think Zoe did an amazing job! I’ve always been intrigued by Zoe’s love for cooking since we were in secondary school so I was so excited to have her on to talk about food. What a perfect post!

The intro of the post is so funny to me now. I don’t know if my blogs were funnier then than now. I know that I used to make an effort to make it funny cause I really wanted to make you guys laugh but I don’t make such effort anymore maybe cause I’m already effortlessly funny😆

I remember this question. I was like, “You want me to put that in?”. She went, “Yes” 😂

I really acted like I knew whatever tf she was talking about. Chocolate mousse? Mmhmm wow interesting!

I had a blast while making this post. I think it’s cause Zoe had the vibe and everything cause most times when the guest doesn’t match the vibe I want for the post, it’s hard and that’s why I always try to emphasize to the guests that it’s not compulsory and they don’t have to cause once it seems like you’re being forced, the readers can kinda tell and I don’t want that. Everyone here is here for a good time, right?

2. Study in Nigeria or Study Abroad

My second ever guest-based post. The first was on Sexuality??? I was very satisfied with the outcome😌. I think the toughest part was distributing the questions to each person cause at that time, what I did was pick certain people to answer certain questions but now I just distribute the same questions to everyone. I don’t know why I felt the need to do that but it was super stressful because I had to pick the people I thought would do justice to that question.

I stopped cause I realized that I might think, “Oh this person might not have a lot to say on this so let me not give them this question”. Meanwhile, the person might’ve actually had experience with that and might actually be able to answer decently. So now I just send the same questions to everyone.

It was definitely a fun experience for me getting to know little about schooling outside Nigeria.

Ah I just remembered that I used to identify the guests with the first letters of their names. That must’ve been tough for you guys, going back to check who is who😂. I stopped when I started having guests with the same letter beginning their names.

Like I legit used to make a conscious effort not to have guests with the same letter but I I couldn’t avoid it later so I just stopped entirely and started using their first names instead. I think that’s much better.

For some reason, a lot of people love this post and I don’t know why. Maybe cause all the guests are so good looking ✨😌. If you saw that post and you’re still here, you’re a real one 💯

3. Your View: Sexuality

My first ever guest based post!!! I remember being so excited, I couldn’t control it. I was so happy! My first ever guests; Blessing, Daniel, Esosa, Jeffery and Chidera. Y’all are amazing and your vibe was everything! I think they were as excited as I was😂

I remember I was like so hell bent on Chidera being on it because if you don’t know, Chidera was my push to start blogging. Her blog motivated me so I really wanted her to be on it and she was very happy to. Yay!

All my friends and my parents were so excited and supportive. It was so cute! Fast forward to present, I don’t even know how many people I’ve had on here now. The Bangtaniversary alone had almost 40 guests and normal guest based posts have a minimum of 3 guests and maximum of 7 so we’re probably looking at close to 100 guests? Maybe 70. Yeeshhhh, Ib! You’ve worked hard 🤝

4. The Reason Why Girls AND The Reason Why Guys

This was a two part series where I asked you guys to send in a bunch of questions you wanted to ask girls and guys. It was super fun! I think everyone had a blast.

To be honest, looking back at these posts has made me realize how funny I am or maybe my standard is just low cause I do be laughing at everything 😂

I remember most of my friends reposted this part because all the guys were like natural beauty! No makeup! and Dara went, “I like them edges laid, eyebrows done, lips glossy” 😂😂😂. Dara was like those guys are pretending 😂💔. It was so funny

Dara was such a VIBE, please 🤩

Let me spill a little tea😀. So you know the questions came from the anonymous link but my friend’s crush was featuring so she sent in a question specifically to the guy. A question about going back to your ex or something…It was funny but cute.

This was iconic✨

I don’t even know which was more iconic, the guys or the girls but I’m backing the girls!

Jessica was on a rollllllll!

Everyone was a vibe, I loved it! The questions were also super fun, thanks to you!

5. The Artist that is Zucci

I actually will always remember this post cause this was one of my first actual actual paid promotion. I felt like I was actually moving forward with the blog and people are actually starting to recognize it. I’ve done many promotions on here but those were my friends so having someone that I don’t know dm me to pay for a promotion was a BIG DEAL! It still is…

Also, if you’d like me to promote your brand, feel free to contact me. To be honest, I like to promote brands I’ve used or monitored and I know is reliable.

6. Aji Anje For President

First of all, Aji is an absolute sweetheart. I wanted her on because I LOVE her TikToks and I think she’s super creative with her content. She was super supportive and very easy to talk to.

Ouuuuu I wanted to mention this!

Y’all that were searching if Aji is single or taken, I see you, I see you😏

For real, I think she’s a vibe. I really like her.

It actually took us almost a month to get everything sorted out because she had exams then I had exams, she had other promotions and I had just started working on the Bangtaniversary. There was a lot going on but we made it happen. Yay!

7. Open Relationships or Nah?

I see why y’all like this topic. I like it too. It was fun seeing different perspectives of the same topic.

I said it and I’m saying it again, I’m never getting into an open relationship! I will never share my man with anyone! Purrr

Personally, I think we spoke about really interesting stuff concerning Open Relationships. I come up with really nice questions sometimes omg 😂

The guests did an amazing job! Esther, Maggie, Beverly, Tife, Ogor and Jason, well done! Y’all nailed this post. The vibe was there and everyone felt it, that’s why it’s in the top 10 posts. You did gooddddd!

Margaret, Beverly and Tife, your answers😂😂

Thank you guys!

8. The Answers to your One-sided Problems

This post was also really interesting! Funny how I literally forget some of these posts exist. We’ve done so many anonymous Q/As.

So you guys sent in questions on one-sided relationships/friendships. I think we’ve all been in a one-sided relationship or friendship one time or the other. You might be the one with the feelings or the one who isn’t but we’ve all been in it one way or the other so I felt it’ll be nice if we could ask questions concerning this and get to know what other people think, you know?

She said you’re not normal

Everyone did an amazing job. The post was insightful with a bit of humor.

It was nice. Super fun.

9. White Girl bashes Black Girls for wearing fake hair

Ah, I remember this was a serious issue on TikTok then and I had just started the Real Talk series so it seemed appropriate for the segment plus the white girl was so dumb, I was so irritated and felt like I had to speak on it.

I don’t think I do much of “Real Talk with IB” anymore. Blogging about an event that happened doesn’t really feel like my type of thing. Of course, I talk about it with the people around me but blogging about it doesn’t just always come to mind. I like to create my own content but I won’t stop definitely.

You can send me stuff you want me to react to or blog about. Gracias!

10. 10 Steps to building your Self-Confidence

To be honest, I’m very surprised this made it to the top. That day, I just felt really motivated and was like why don’t I talk about this? Of course my self confidence isn’t at it’s peak yet but we’re slowly getting there.

The comments were all super motivating. Thank you!

Ah so that’s it! It feels good to be able to look back at old posts. To be honest, I even forgot I had published some of these posts😂. I should do this again. Maybe another milestone? 😉

From this review, I’m able to tell that you like guest based posts. I obviously enjoy them as well but it takes me a while to come up with a worthy topic and sometimes I don’t have people to feature but I’ll definitely come up with more of those.

I see you also like food😂. I should do another food related post then?

More anonymous Q/As as well! I haven’t done a personal one in a while. We’ll do that and then resume more themed anonymous Q/As.

I see you also enjoy when I interview people like I did with Zucci, Zoe and Aji Anje. Zucci’s was a promotion but Zoe and Aji’s were because they do something specific that I like. I also featured Becky, a fashion designer so maybe if I find more people that do specific things I think y’all will find interesting then I’ll definitely feature them or if YOU do something nice and creative and you would like a feature then contact me!

Should I do more Real Talks..talking about events that happen? I should…

Anywaysssss, I hope y’all enjoyed this review as much as I did. Thank you guys for supporting these posts, love you!

Anticipate tomorrow!


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