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Hey everybodyyyyy! It’s been a while. I remember the last time we were here, we were on like full no movement, but now we can go out! A bit. My parents have started going to work. I also got a lockdown job!

Yes Yes Thank you 😁.

Things are slowly going back to normal, I guess but then like one minute I’m hearing COVID 19 is going to subside by the end of May and next I’m hearing that Nigeria’s going to have up to 120,000 cases by July. I don’t know anymore. Honestly, I’m just going to stay in my house and try not to die cause I’m hearing shit’s about to go down in Africa. 😐.

Anyways, all of the bad news aside. Today, I give you the first edition of the “Your View” series. It’s just basically about reading the views of various young adults like us on various topics that particularly concerns us ranging from our health to our sex, our lifestyle, character and so on.

Today’s topic of interest is SEXUALITY.

I decided to start with this topic because I realized that a lot of people are very touchy about this topic plus a lot of people don’t really understand it, to be honest. I figured that reading about it from the perspective of other people like us, it could help us understand and relate to it better. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion in every discussion so know that everything you read here is exactly what the person thinks and reasoning varies and that is why I have selected five (5) blog guests for today. So basically, they will be answering various questions on our topic of interest.


My name is Blessing Gilbert. I am a student of Unilag. I am a Christian. I am a presenter and a hair stylist. I love to cook, sing and explore.
My name’s Daniel Ezeh.
I’m a musician and my stage name is Deanobie.
I make so many different genres of music including Afrobeats, pop, RnB, trap and so much more.
I enjoy music, movies, and sports .
You can connect with me on all social platforms (IG, Facebook, Twitter etc) @deanobie_xo.
I am Osunde Esosa. I’m 18 years old. I love reading books and my all time favourite is Harry Potter. I write short stories and poems as well. I’m a Christian. My favorite food is rice😂.
I’m Jeffery Uto-Dieu
20yrs of age
Loves cooking and reading
Overall fresh guy 😌
I’m Chidera Ofili-Udo,Typically a Jesus girl, Blogger and creative. I’m currently a student of Chemical Engineering in the University with dreams and goals, but all centered around helping people and sharing my faith!!

These are our lovely guests. So let’s get right into it!


1. What is Sexuality to you?

C: I’d say your sexuality is generally your perception to your sexual feelings ( emotionally, physically…)

B: Sexuality is the physical and psychological traits associated with one’s sex.

2. In your own words, describe Sexuality?

E: To me, sexuality means your orientation, mindset, thinking when it comes to sex. It can also mean who you’re attracted to, I guess.

D: Sexuality has to do with someone’s sexual orientation, attractions, thoughts, beliefs etc.

J: Sexuality is the sex an individual is attracted to.

3. Do you think your sexuality is a thing of choice or it’s something that is influenced genetically?

D: I feel sexuality is more of a personal thing so yeah it is of choice.

C: Well, I really don’t believe our sexuality has anything to do with our genes.

4. Should religious and humanitarian values be mixed when relating with people with a different sexual choice?

C: Well for me, my values aren’t really divided into “religious and human”. My life is a reflection of my faith and so they aren’t really separate, But to answer what I suppose your question is, I don’t think people with different sexual choices should be treated differently. That on its own defeats my faith.

E: I believe the best way to love people is to interact with them. Yes, I’m a Christian and I don’t support the lifestyle but I love you regardless. I believe that if we’re truly concerned with setting people free from what they don’t even know they’re chained to, we have to love them enough to tell them about the Truth.

5. Why do you think people have phobias pertaining to people with a different sexuality than theirs?

J: I think it is due to the judgement and prejudice placed on people with abnormal or different sexuality than normal.

B: Well I don’t know if I’m answering the question but I feel like it’s maybe because it’s entirely different from theirs so they have to be careful.

6. The fact that people with different sexualities are sent to jail, do you think it’s because of the fact that it is religiously unacceptable or that they are seen as threats to the society?

E: I think it’s a mixture of both. As human beings, we’re afraid of what we don’t understand and sometimes that can translate to us putting things in place that we feel can protect us.

J: I think it’s largely religious in Nigeria.

D: Well I think it depends on where the person is located (different places have different laws). The arrest could be of both reasons mentioned and even more.

C: I think that would depend on the country or in some cases the states where it happens. In religious countries where the laws governing the country is religious, it would be because it is religiously unacceptable, but in other places, it’ll probably be because it is against the country’s law( Nigeria for instance).

7. Do you consider these people as threats?

B: Nahh

D: No I don’t.

8. Do you think sexuality is a thing of the mind?

E: Honestly, I believe it is. I might not fully understand but from what I’ve discovered so far, it can stem from abuse, exposure to so many things. The truth is, it might not seem like it, but the things we read or see actually affect our thinking. I’m not saying that watching homosexuals can make someone become homosexual. Basically, I’m saying that I believe that it might be a mind and a spiritual thing.

J: I believe everything is of the mind.

9. Do YOU as a person, disregarding all religious doctrines, think that it is okay/not okay to have a different sexuality from what we all know and why?

B: Personally, I don’t think it’s okay. There are so many disadvantages with every gender. Instead of running to another gender, ask questions! Deal with problems from the root! Seek help! Talk to somebody about it.

D: Yeah I think it’s okay because everyone has the freedom to express themselves and make their own choices with free will both in the sight of God and also in the laws of man.

C: I really can’t say I can disregard religious doctrines because my faith is my guide for living. To disregard it to me will be to not think. To me it really isn’t about the doctrines, it’s more about what convicts me. It’s less about obedience for fear of punishment, and more about my TRUTH. I’m Christian, and I don’t believe it is “okay” to have other sexualities.

10. People say “judge the act but not the actor” but if a person steals, the person is reprimanded for it because theft as an act is wrong so why should homosexuality be different?

J: Stealing affects a person’s life, sexuality largely doesn’t.

E: I think, unlike the other acts, it’s something that doesn’t harm the next person, it’s personal. It’s a personal lifestyle. It’s not as if what they’re doing isn’t wrong but jail isn’t the solution for that kind of thing.

11. What do you think is the reason people feel homosexuality is wrong?

D: Well I believe religious teachings and close mindedness have a great role to play on that regard.

J: It’s because there are two genders: man and woman and their bodies are designed correspondingly. Man and man or woman and woman seems against nature.

12. Do you think homosexuals deserve jail time or therapy if they simply can’t help it?

E: If they can’t help it, then they don’t deserve jail time or therapy but I believe it’s something that someone can still be set free from. I’m not sure how efficient therapy is. I’m sure that jail isn’t actually the answer. What I’m sure of, is the saving power of Jesus. I know it sounds like I’m just being”religious” but there are testimonies that attest to the truth that Jesus saves and sets free.

C: It really doesn’t sit right with me to throw someone in jail for being homosexual. I also think therapy depends on the reason the person in question became homosexual.

13. Some people think homosexuality is as a result of past events that may have affected the person psychologically, probably from harrassment or rape. What’s your view on that?

C: Abuse has so many effects on its victims, I cannot disagree with that. This for example is where I believe therapy can help (and for a Christian), finding your identity in Jesus.

J: I don’t believe that’s always the case.

B: I think it’s true. Everything starts with the mind. Maybe they are getting attention they weren’t getting from the opposite sex from the same sex or they were sexually abused by the opposite sex and they hate the opposite sex. It could even be from failed marriages from parents.

14. Do you think the treatments or stigmatisations these people with different sexualities face can ever stop?

J: I feel it’s the same as racism. It won’t ever be completely wiped out.

E: Honestly, I’m not sure. The western world is working really hard to make it acceptable lol. I’m not sure it will be universally accepted but there may come a point where majority will accept it.

C: I can’t speak for every group of persons, but I believe for Christians, when we truly understand the love of God, we’ll show love to all people, regardless of sexuality( Now I wouldn’t ever agree with gay marriages or anything of that sort, but the love of God really isn’t really dependent on the kind or class of people I meet). I believe it is a sin people struggle with, just as people struggle with stealing, lying, pornography, addictions, alcohol addictions etc. On that note, I’ll like to add that anyone struggling with this sin, should not hide it in the dark,
but try and seek help. Finding your identity in Christ is an amazing way to start, there is no judgement with Jesus.

15. How do you think these people should be treated?

B: I feel therapy can work. There’s definitely a reason why the person decided to be homo. So therapy could help solve that reason. Prayer works too. There’s nothing God cannot do.

D: I feel like they really should be treated with respect irrespective of anything and everything, because they just made a choice out of their own free will.

I believe that whether homosexual, heterosexual, asexual and so on, we are all humans with feelings and emotions to which we are entitled to. On that basis, it is only fair that everyone be treated equally.

So that is it for today guys. If you want to get to know my blog guests more, you’ll find their social media handles and mine as well 😉 below ⬇️. See y’all next time 👋🏽.

Adepoju Ibukun– Ig: @ibu_kunnnn Twitter: @ibu_kunnnn

Blessing Gilbert– Ig: @black_specie Twitter: @Black_specie

Daniel Ezeh– Ig: @deanobie_xo Twitter: @deanobie_xo Facebook: @deanobie_xo

Esosa Osunde– Ig: @esosa_osunde Twitter: @esosa_osunde

Jeffrey Uto-dieu– Ig: @ujeffery

Chidera Ofili-Udo– Ig: @deraofili


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