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Boy am I excited for this post 😙.

The long awaited post is here! This post has been pending for about 3 weeks now and at a point, I almost decided not to post it anymore but here we are!

I hope you guys laugh at the questions as much as I did 😂😂😂.

I’m Zainab. I’m 5’4 in height. I procrastinate a lot. I’m actually into a nail business, readymade nails to be precise. I hate school. I’m a student of LASU.
My name is Sophie
I’m 18
I attend Pan-Atlantic University
I’m in my second year, studying economics
I like to read novels, watch series and hang out with friends.
I’m Jessica but you can call me Jbabeee. I’m very extroverted, a lil opinionated and I love food mehn. Epp my laive and subscribe to my YouTube channel 😂❤️.
Okay so, my name is Ifeoluwa Adepoju aka Lizzy. I’m 16 and I’m Ib’s sister!
I’m Oreoluwa. I’m a Christian first. My mantra is spreading love and light. I do that by mostly smiling and making people laugh. I am very passionate about things I love and I love God.
I’m Nkem. I’m 18 and I like food.

Okayyyyyyyy let’s get into the questions!!!

1. Would you rather have sex now or wait till marriage?

Soph: I’d rather have sex now but it largely depends on the girl you’re with
A lot of people are dropping this wait till marriage scam
If you want to kpansh, kpansh and stop using religion to scare people abeg.

Nkem: Wait till marriage.

2. Why can’t you people make up your mind on what/who you want?

Ore: I apologize on behalf of other confused girls you have dealt with but a lot of the time confusion comes from lack of trust so you might want to ask more questions about that.

Lizzy: It’s not like we don’t know what we want…it’s mostly trust issues and over thinking which girls tend to do a lot and leaves most girls confused on what to and what not to do.

3. Why are you girls so confusing, one time you’ll say “Don’t open the door for me, I have hands” and another time you’ll say we’re not gentlemen?

Zainab: I honestly don’t know. Maybe it’s our hormones or so but I feel we just want everything done our way every single time.

Ore: Okay so you opening the door should have less to do with the girl and more to do with the fact that you are just a courteous person.

Lizzy: Girls make statement according to their emotions… If they are angry…they don’t want you beside them but when they are not they want you close….learn your girl’s mood, it will be easier to understand her.

4. Why do we have to be the ones to propose to you?

Nkem: Because that’s how it is with all animals. Male always chases the females.

Jessica: Patriachy. The way society was built, men are the ones taking women away from their family so the proposal is formality. It doesn’t HAVE to be that way anymore but a lot of women see it as a very symbolic gesture. Especially because a lot of the time, women are usually ready to get married earlier on in the relationship. So they’re basically waiting for you.

5. How can we tell when you like us?

Soph: I think we’re pretty easy to read…..well I’m pretty easy to read.
I’ll use any stupid excuse to see you
Even if it’s to take your hoodie or something so I can return it.
If I compliment you sha because I dont dash compliments anyhow.

Zainab: We insult you. Always have your time. Talk about our past relationships with you and laugh to everything you say.

6. Why do girls cheat with the boyfriend of another girl then cry when theirs cheat on them?

Ore: Not all girls cheat but sorry that they cheated on you. I personally don’t condone cheating sha.

7. Would the “nice guy” ever find bae?

Ore: The “nice guy” will find bae. As they say there’s a man for every woman. Though not everyone believes so…again thats back to the nice guy.

Lizzy: Every man or boy will find bae because not all girls are the same and one out there wants a nice boy.

8. Should I text my crush?

Soph: If you’re feeling bold enough you should probably text them, you never know they might actually like you back but are too shy to express it (like me💀).

Nkem: Yesss

Zainab: Yes now. You should tell her.

9. Why do girls cover their nipples during nude pictures or photoshoots?

Jessica: Because our nipples have been stigmatized. Haven’t you noticed that nobody has a problem with woman’s breasts until they see the nipples? Instagram will take down you shirtless post as a woman but not as a man but once you blur out the nipples on a woman’s breast, it suddenly becomes accept. Our nipples have been over sexualized.

Ore: I know absolutely nothing about nude photoshoots but what she does with her body is her business.

10. What’s with Nigerian girls and constantly billing men? I don’t understand their sense of entitlement.

Jessica: Because relationships are now transactional more than ever. It’s learned behavior. Again, patriarchy. Men are the providers, while women are submissive and dedicate themselves to the pleasure of man.

Ore: This is a mentality I can’t quite understand either but people are raises differently. So what might seem ridiculous to you is completely normal to another person. And I don’t think a sense of entitlement is limited to Nigerian girls only.

11. Why do some girls still play hard to get when they already like the guy?

Soph:Not all girls play hard to get
Some girls just enjoy the attention and to see how far you’re willing to go.
I dont think it’s fair sha but oh well

Nkem: Because once you agree for men they start misbehaving.

Lizzy: Because most girls have trust issues as a result of past experiences so maybe they’re still trying to test you to see if you’re actually genuine.

12. What are your pet peeves?

Nkem: People who are too defensive.

Zainab: Not having everything done my way.

Jessica: it’s different for every girl. Personally, I can’t stand people that snore, eat loudly, talk slowly, chew their nails, smell bad, omo them plenty…

Lizzy: My pet peeves are mostly dishonesty and roughness.

13. If you had a dream about a girl kissing you, what does it mean? I’m a girl too but she’s way out of my league.

Jessica: If you’re not straight and you’re comfortable with your sexuality then it probably means you like her. Talk to her. See it as a challenge. If you believe you’re straight, you should probably revisit how you see your sexuality. Forget the stigma, forget how people will see you and come to terms with yourself and your sexuality. It’s yours to own.

14. What’s the best way to ask a girl out?

Ore: This depends on the kind of girl you’re asking. I’m a more straight to the point type of person, just ask.

Lizzy: It’s depends on the girl. So I can’t say. The best way is to know the girl, her likes and dislike and follow it.

Soph: Me sha I’m a simple girl
If you want to ask me out on a date, we can go to the movies or we can watch netflix and cuddle and have snacks

15. If a girl and I used to vibe alot and I asked her out but she refused and we stopped talking. Now we’re vibing again and I still really like her and I feel she might like me too. Should I still ask?

Nkem: Yes. This time of she says no don’t just stop talking to her. Girls like perseverance.

Sophie: Personally I would not go down that road again.

I’m rolling at some of the questions and answers 😂😂😂.

Anyways so that’s the long awaited “Girls Only” post. I hope you guys liked it. It was interesting to see some of the answers to some of the questions.

But what I really wanted to bring out from this post is the fact that “All girls are not the same”. Guys are always like “Oh girls are scam” “girls are this” “girls are that”. We are really not the same at alllll. 1 in like 100 girls are alike so it’s very annoying when guys generalize stuff about girls. Even girls do it as well, I’m not going to lie. Let’s just learn to stop generalizing because not every girl is like that girl and not every guy is like that guy.

Okay so, that’s the it for this post. Oh wait wait, two things. First, go check out my Advert page to see the advert for this week is readymade nails by Zeinny! Go check it out!

Secondly, I published another post today titled “On A Winning Streak!”. Go check that out as well. Love you, Peace!

Zainab: Ig: @zeinny

Soph: Ig: @s_omo.x

Jessica: YouTube: JESSICA AJAYI, Ig: _jbabeee_, Twitter: J_Babeee

Nkem: Twitter: @nkem2you

Lizzy: Ig: _lizzielove_


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