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Hey everyoneee!!!

Third day of the milestone week so why don’t I take you through what it takes me to make one post. A few of you have expressed interest in that so I decided to take you through it today.

Now of course I have different segments and the process differs for each segment.

For personal posts where it’s just me, it doesn’t take up to a day to write the post. Sometimes when I’m inspired, I can write it in an hour, edit it and publish everything.

But when it’s guest based content, it takes about a week. Firstly to get all the guests to be featured. Sometimes people dm me asking if they could be featured or sometimes when I think of the topic and I know I have friends that are good in this area or would love to talk about it, then I dm them.

It doesn’t take me an hour to come up with the questions (if it’s not anonymous q/as). After I get the questions and I’m satisfied with them, I send it to the blog guests. I like to not rush people cause I don’t want it to feel like oh they’re being forced or I’m pushing them because I completely understand that everyone is busy living their own lives. I give them about 2-4 days to send in their answers.

By then, I would’ve already made a layout of the post and how I want it to appear. I would’ve edited their names and everything else so all that’s left to do is input their answers and do the final editing.

It’s actually super stressful especially when the guests don’t meet up to the deadline or something happened and they can’t feature again then I’d have to start looking for someone else within a short notice and I also have to give that person sometime so it doesn’t feel like I’m rushing them… it’s a lot of work but most times it’s worth it.

Doing a promotion is kinda the same thing. I tell you what I need, give you a time period and during that time, I’ll begin editing the layout, getting pictures and other stuff I need for the post and by the time you send in your stuff, everything is set and it’s just to do the final editing.

I’m thinking of what other kinds of posts I do😂. Personally, I like to make my intros interesting cause to me, that keeps the audience. I don’t bother much on the outro cause once you’ve done justice to the main post, the outro really doesn’t matter. I just to keep it sweet and maybe talk about upcoming posts. I think every blogger can agree that the intro is essential and the main body is the most important but your outro can be laidback….or maybe it’s just me?

Weekly posts actually vary. This milestone week wasn’t planned so I’m actually like writing spontaneously 😂. It’s 7:43pm right now and it’ll probably be published by 8:20pm? If not less. But for planned weekly posts with guests, it takes a WHILE!

The Bangtaniversary took me 3 months??? I thought of it in February but I couldn’t start till after my online exams in April. Then I began scouting for Armys, most of who are my besties right now, we still have a group chat 🥺🥺💜

Scouting for Armys was tough! I had a total of 45 ARMYs, all from Weverse, gcs and Twitter and they’re all super sweet…ah!

Then editing the posts, getting the contents needed, going back to rewatch Run BTS episodes, looking for rare pictures for “OPPA, is that you?”, where they had to guess which member was in the photo, then watching lyric videos for the song game. To be honest, I was almost regretting but it was so worth it at the end. Not only did I get to meet more amazing Armys from literally every corner of the world but I feel like I also got to know BTS way more because of all the digging I had to do, especially the songs.

I remember listening/reading the lyrics of UGH! And being so amazed! Then Persona, People, Moon! I cried when I read Inner Child. It was such an amazing experience, I can’t wait to do it again next year.

The ARMY in me just loves to make every post about BTS 😂

Anyways, for anonymous Q/As, I like to also give you guys time to send in your questions so that takes a day or three then sending it to the guests blah blah blah. That takes about a week too!

Omg I love all bloggers out there. Y’all still in this space, you’re doing an amazing work and I hope you all get recognized for it because it really isn’t easy sometimes. I know people that have started and given up. Having to battle with writer’s block sometimes or lack of inspiration or sometimes not getting to amount of attention/engagement you thought you would get and then getting discouraged. The days when you’re just tired! You know what you want to write but you just don’t feel like writing anything at all, you just want to eat and sleep😂. Having to deal with guests not giving the right vibe or canceling at last minute! Bruhh

If you’re a blogger and no one has told you this in a while, let me tell you

You’re doing such an amazing work in whatever niche you’re in. It takes a lot of work to put a part of you out there which is what blogging kinda is and to do it consistently can be mentally and emotionally draining and I completely understand you. Thank you for your consistency and hardwork, you’re doing great!

If you see this, you can maybe drop a link to your blog in the comments. I would love to read it🤍

That’s it for today guys. Thank you for reading and as always, love you!


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