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MILESTONE WEEK: Life After Pandemic

Hey everyoneeee! Happy New Month!!!

First of all, I want to say thank you for your support on the last post! I got a lot of positive feedback from you guys which I appreciate so much. Thank you!

Don’t forget that you can always contact me if you have ideas you think I should try or topics you’d like me to talk about like what I would be talking about today.

We’re talking about my life after pandemic! I was actually talking to a friend on blog ideas and she was like, “Why don’t you talk about how your life is now after the pandemic. What’s changed? Stuff like that” so that’s what I’m doing today.

To be honest, I don’t even know where to begin. This is a very spontaneous post, just writing as it comes.

먹고 싶어요 #TMI

Umm so I resumed school sometime in May…mid May, I think. I’m in my second semester, 200 level. First semester was online and it was tough. I really thought second semester would be less stressful, forgetting that everything Unilag is stress.

Define Stress?

University of Lagos

I kid you not!

If I’m being honest, my school life is probably the only thing that didn’t change. My course mates are pretty much still the same. The ones that annoyed me still annoy me, the ones that came late still come late, the ones that came early still come early, my circle of friends is still the same, the people I didn’t talk to are still the people I don’t talk to and it makes me so happy cause that is like the only sense of normalcy in my life right now.

Most of my friends that we used to be super close before the pandemic, we literally talk once a week now, if we’re lucky. It’s crazy cause I don’t know how it happened, we just lost it, I guess😂 BUT I’ve also made more friends during the pandemic, mostly international friends which is giving me a lot more exposure!

Most of my international friends are ARMYs which is another new thing that began during the pandemic. That’s probably the best thing that came out of the pandemic for me; getting to REALLY know Bangtan Sonyeondan and amazing humans who are ARMY. It’s like one big family, I’m so grateful 😭💜 보라해 아미 여러분!!!

You can also tell I’m learning Hangul/Korean. To be honest, I think I’m pretty good now.

I had always wanted to learn a new language cause I’m envious of multilingual people. I find it really sexy when people can speak a language or languages that isn’t/aren’t English cause English is so basic, almost everyone knows it. So for a long time I was like, “what do I learn???”. I can speak my native language, I know a bit of French thanks to Secondary school, my sister has a bit of experience with Spanish and I wanted a new experience. I was thinking either Hangul or Hindi but I don’t know if I’m ever going to visit India plus I don’t really watch Bollywood movies.

I decided to learn Hangul because I do watch Kdramas from time to time and I watch A LOT of BTS content. Like Yoongi would say, I watch/listen BTS for almost 5 hours everyday from Run BTS, BTS world, BangtanTV( my second home), In the Soop (that I can’t seem to stop rewatching), Bon Voyage, music videos, there’s a lot basically. I already knew the basics words just from listening to them a lot cause I’m the kind of person that listens to learn even if it’s for fun. Basically, I was already in Kindergarten level without trying yet so I decided why not?

Like I was saying, I’ve gained more than I’ve lost.

Even my roommates have changed😂. I don’t know, I think we’re more open with each other now. We cook together more often now, we show our 10 minutes madness blatantly now, they’re also surprisingly very accommodative of my ARMY madness. I personally feel like Moji has the tendencies to be an Army but she’s holding back😂😂. I won’t push, I will slightly pester

In personal terms, I think I’m more confident, more sorta decisive, more open to express myself, more sensitive to people and myself, more “out with negative vibes” energy. My roommate literally told me I’ve changed, that I wasn’t this outspoken or confident. My classmate said I’m now proud, ionno😂 I think I’ve grown a lot mentally. I think that’s mostly thanks to BTS, to be honest. I personally worked on myself but it wouldn’t have been entirely possible without their music and their message.

Hmmm what else has changed?

Ah, church! I don’t think I went to church throughout the month of June cause online services just seem much more stress free. Corona caused it!

I personally feel like even my dressing style has changed but that’s more of Hobi’s effect than the pandemic 😂

I think that’s it… I can’t think of anymore changes.

I’m still trying to adjust to all the changes especially my irl and online Army persona. I’m super grateful for my Uni friends, they’re literally my reality check. If not, I would be in the clouds. I already feel like I’m in my own world most times and missing out on what’s really happening in reality so thank God I’ve got them🤲🏽

Alright, I’m done! I’d love to know more about what your life after pandemic is like. Please share✨

See y’all next time!


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