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I know I said this is supposed to be the Milestone week BUT! I literally could not unsee this!

What is this world turning into, I’m sorry???


How does one change their race? I’m so confused

Nah, cause how is that possible?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then let me break it down for you cause y’all are in for a real shock!

This person! Oli London aka ARMY’s worst nightmare

They came out with a new video almost a week ago that says…

Basically, they came out to say they are Korean now. That they believe Korea is their country, their birthplace, their culture and that they are transracial. They literally said, “I identify as they/them Korean”

You can’t just change race! That just completely invalidates the struggles that that particular minor race deals with. How does a WHITE person wake up and say, you know what I’m Korean or you know what I’m BLACK, like at what point???

They said “Finally, I feel Korean. I feel I identify as Korean”. What does it mean to feel Korean?? Cause I’m pretty sure a white person knows nothing about what being an Asian person feels like, what they have to go through in white people’s hands so what exactly do they mean by they feel Korean??? Then they said maybe the Korean community will accept them more now because they have the look 😶

What is THE look?

The fact that they made their eyes thinner and raised upwards?? Assuming that all Koreans look the same way?? Putting them under a monolith… What in the racism and appropriation…

This just reminds me of the Vicky girl that went on Dr. Phil a few years ago and says July 19th was the day she realized she’s black😀. Okayy

Back to the story, they said that no one should identify them as British but they are now Korean that they have lived in Korea, can speak Korean and now completely look Korean… I don’t even know what to say. If that’s how easy it is for black people to say oh I’ve lived in America for 18 years now so I’m white!

Let’s not even go far, remember the time Asian people begged to be identified as white in certain places so they could be treated equally but they were refused this right and Oli London wakes up after 18 surgeries to say, now I’m Korean don’t call me anything else!

Y’all that ain’t even the scary part! I literally was covering my eyes through out the video cause I was so cringed. I couldn’t even finish it. I’m not going to show clips cause I don’t want to be the one to put you guys through that. You can go look it up at your own risk! Okay!

So this person goes ON to pick a Korean name for their self and guess what they choose? Jimin 🙂 of course

Let’s not forget this person or whatever they identify as, has gone through 18 SURGERIES to look like Jimin. Someone save me!

Then they have the guts to say they have Jimin’s eyes now and that they are so pretty

I’m sorry but what???

If I had to do 18 surgeries to look like Jimin but end up looking like that, I would literally go live on a mountain or something…outside human environment but they didn’t stop there!

They go on to say that they know Jimin would be very proud that they look exactly like him

They’re joking right?

What in the delusionalism is this??? Jimin would be proud of you for trying so bad to look like him, naming yourself Jimin and literally culturally appropriating his culture. Sureeeee, whatever makes you sleep at night

What scares me is where do we draw the line?? If someone can wake up and say I’m black, I’m white, I’m Asian then there’s nothing like racism or cultural appropriation because a white person can say the n-word or do black face and say, “Oh no I’m actually black”

I am becoming scared of this world, I tell you!

Asian people go through so much everyday and Oli London is completely invalidating all these!

There’s a lot that is attached to a race, the culture, the lifestyle, literally so much! You can’t just claim a certain race! It’s uncalled for!

I know I always say do whatever makes you happy and live your life to the fullest but not at the detriment of others! Because once this becomes “normal” then there’s nothing like racism or cultural appropriation because everyone can just claim to be anything.

This to be honest is just a fetishization of the Korean culture. That’s it, periodt!

Everyone knows I love the Korean culture, I love BTS, I’m literally learning Korean, I love the way they dress, I think their culture is super interesting but y’all can never see ME come out and say oh, I believe from the innermost part of my heart that I’m Korean

How does that even happen?

And the fact that they think Jimin would be so proud of them baffles me even more.

We need to save Jimin from this human because if they can go this length to be Jimin… 18 surgeries! To be Jimin… I don’t even want to think of what greater lengths they could go to.

@HYBE, please never let Jimin breathe the same air as them like if you ever see Oli London and Jimin is present, please I beg of thee, get him out of there! Get all my 7 babies out of there ASAP!

I don’t know if I’m the only one that is so frightened by this. Please leave a comment and tell me how you feel, I would love to hear your view on it cause tbh I could be completely wrong (I doubt) but still let me know what you think!

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2 replies on “REAL TALK: What is TRANSRACIAL???”

Can I just tell you how damn funny this is? Out of all that seriousness and anger, that’s what I made of this. Seriously Ib, I like you this way😂😂But I absolutely hate the fact that Oli claims that they loves Jimin and still doesn’t get BTS’ message of ‘Love yourself’ and instead got all those surgeries?! Outrageous.

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