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I had to come clean…

Hey everyoneee! So this might or mightn’t come as a shock to you but I need to take a break from blogging, sadly. Not because I have a writer’s block, I just am not in the best place right now mentally and I don’t want to give off that energy in my posts cause like […]

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DISSECTING D-2: Daechwita

Heyyy!!! I’m back with another D-2 review! But first of all, did y’all watch BTS’s cover of I’ll be missing you (Puff Daddy, Faith Evans and Sting Cover) on BBC Radio Live Lounge??? It was amazing! I cried! It’s so beautiful🥺 their vocals, emotions, everything! They did so well covering the song, I’m really proud […]

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Seven Men and their Deeds✨

Heyyy everyoneee! Today I am very very excited to share this post with you! I think y’all will be truly blown away by our guest today. She is amazingggggggg She will be sharing with us a beautiful piece that she wrote titled, “Seven Men and their deeds”. I’m so honored to be able to share […]

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Hey hey hey everyoneeee! 안녕하세요!!!! 잘지네? 반가워요! Yes, my Korean lessons are going well, thanks for asking! 😂 Today, I’m so excited because I’m doing a collab with one of my favorite blog besties! Poorwa! I enjoy reading Poorwa’s blog a lot so I’m very happy to be able to collab with her. Thank you […]

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A Day In My Life🌟

Hey everyoneee! It’s me, Ib✨ So I’m doing a day in my life blog post. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of doing this before but here it is now. I’m writing this blog as the day goes on. I hope you enjoy my boring day😂. As at this moment, I have no idea […]

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200 WP Followers!|Sending DMs to Strangers using Pickup lines Pt. 1

Hey hey hey! First of all, I want to say thank you to EVERYONE! That has clicked my post, liked my post, commented, shared or even just ghost reading😂. Thanks to you I keep crossing more milestones. Earlier this month, I had celebrated hitting 5K views on this blog and today, I’m celebrating 200 WordPress […]

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너무 감사합니다 방탄소년단 그리고 아미

I’m currently listening to 2!3!, feeling so overwhelmed as I write this post. A lot has happened since Muster SOWOOZOO, Butter No.1 for 7 weeks on Billboard, PTD debut, Jimmy Fallon and so much more. A lot happens in this fandom that sometimes it gets overwhelming and you just need to clock out but I’ve […]

#blogging Blog Series BTSARMY Dissecting D-2 For BTSARMY ONLY Music Review

DISSECTING D-2: Moonlight

Hey hey heyyyyyy! Back with another Dissecting D-2 post! We’ve done just People and Dear My Friend, today’s Moonlight. I know some ARMYs are like, “why haven’t you done the main songs yet?”. I’ll leave that to my surprise guest😗. It was supposed to be a surprise. I literally don’t know how to keep my […]

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PROMO: NUAR Skincare

Hey everyoneeee! Here with another promo! I’m on a roll this week, aren’t I?😂 I just want to get all the promos out of the way so I can go back to regular blogging✨. I’ve got exciting stuff for you all, I’ve got collabs coming soon and possibly a huge announcement 🤞🏽 Anyways, y’all know […]


PROMO: Techtronic City 📱💻

Hey everyoneeee! It’s been only a minute😉. How have you all been?! Hope everyone’s doing fineeee✨ Today, I will be promoting a brand I think my Nigerian readers would find pretty useful. Nowadays, everyone is looking for a sure place to buy their electronic gadgets. We’re all afraid of being scammed or not getting exactly […]