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PROMO: NUAR Skincare

Hey everyoneeee!

Here with another promo! I’m on a roll this week, aren’t I?😂

I just want to get all the promos out of the way so I can go back to regular blogging✨. I’ve got exciting stuff for you all, I’ve got collabs coming soon and possibly a huge announcement 🤞🏽

Anyways, y’all know I’m big on self care and self love. I talk about caring for yourself all the time so personally I’m excited to share NUAR SKINCARE with you guys!

NUAR Skincare is a start up cosmetics business. They sell affordable handmade and natural skincare products to everyone! To men, women of all ages! Even dogs! I’m kidding but you get my point 😂

Let me introduce you to some of the products ✨

The Rose Infused Face Oil is perfect for oily skin because it is non-comedogenic so it absorbs quickly into the soil and doesn’t block your pores. Personally, I always worry about oily products because my skin is naturally oily especially my face but with Rose Infused Face Oil, you don’t have to worry about that!

It’s super healthy for the skin, smooth and made with care, obviously! It’s also a good skin moisturizer, clears discoloration, basically it’s your skin’s dream come true✨

There’s also the Kaolin Clay Face Mask

The Kaolin Face Mask is suitable for all types of skin. It’s a powder face mask

All these benefits and you don’t want to grab your own? And it’s literally so affordable!

Now to the best part, NUAR Skincare not only sells natural skincare products, they also advice their customers on how to improve their skincare routine and carefully breakdown the benefits of all the ingredients used in the products so you’re well informed before you use anything. I mean look at that!

Their goal is to help their customers experience their skin at it’s healthiest so they can feel satisfied and beautiful! They aim to spread out the message of self love and confidence.

I love that so much! I’m all in, baby!

Shipping is only available in Lagos, presently. If you want to contact them or just check them out then visit,

Instagram: @nuar_skincare

Always remember to love and take care of yourself! Love you!🤍


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