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Vincenzo Cassano 🤩 Anyone that hasn’t watched this movie by now is probably living under a rock cause howwwww???? Anyways, if you haven’t watched it… HUGE SPOILER ALERT 🚨 I’m going to be bold and say this is probably “ONE of the best” Kdramas that has ever been made. It’s also one of the few […]

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DISSECTING D-2: Dear My Friend

Hey everyoneee! I’m very excited to be continuing this series. I got a lot of feedback on the first post and even people said they would go listen to the mixtape which makes me very happy. Yoongi darling, you’re always welcome, it’s no biggie, just keep smiling, that’s enough for me. So today we will […]

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The BrainStorms Award 🏆

Hey everyoneee! Today I feel so honored to have been nominated for the “BrainStorms Award!” Thanks to Poorwa for nominating me! Go check out Poorwa’s blog! . She’s amazing, I literally have her notifications on 😌. Also, big thanks to the creator of this award, Nabeeha @BrainStorms. Rules~ 1. Thank the one who nominated you […]

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Body Stereotypes: Cancelled Pt.II

Hey everyoneee! It’s been a long whileeee 오랜만 !!!✨ I didn’t blog throughout this week, yeah? I only put out the series review cause I felt bad for not putting out anything. Truth is, I fell sick. I was so sick, I couldn’t get out of bed myself. I just finished my prescription last night […]

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It’s been a whileeeee since I last did a series review and I don’t know why cause I’ve watched a lot of series after Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Bridgerton Well today, I’ll be reviewing Memorist! This series has everything I want in a series and I have been recommending it to everyone! So I’m […]

Blog Series BTSARMY Dissecting D-2 For BTSARMY ONLY Music Review

Dissecting D-2 : People

Hey everyoneee✨ Today, we will be starting a new series of posts where we will be dissecting my favorite mixtape “D-2”. Mostly because I think the songs have such deep and beautiful/dark meanings in them that I think everyone should hear but also because it holds a special place in my heart and I just […]

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I know I said this is supposed to be the Milestone week BUT! I literally could not unsee this! What is this world turning into, I’m sorry??? What is TRANSRACIAL??? How does one change their race? I’m so confused If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then let me break it down for you […]

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MILESTONE WEEK: Life After Pandemic

Hey everyoneeee! Happy New Month!!! First of all, I want to say thank you for your support on the last post! I got a lot of positive feedback from you guys which I appreciate so much. Thank you! Don’t forget that you can always contact me if you have ideas you think I should try […]