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Blogmas D’2: The Blog Christmas Tag

Hey everyoneeee! It’s Day 2 of Blogmas and today I will be doing a Christmas Tag! I got this tag from Mel of More Organised blog, I thought the questions were interesting so it would be nice to answer it and also tag some besties to participate as well. What’s your favourite Christmas movie/series? To […]

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Assumptions about me😰| 250 followers 🎊

Heyyy guysss!!! It’s a new day and a new week! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. My weekend was lovely ✨. On Saturday was my youngest brother’s birthday and on Sunday, after church we went to see my second brother in his boarding school. I was really happy cause I had missed him so […]

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BIRTHDAY WEEK|Birthday Tag!✨

Everyone, welcome to my birthday Tag! Firstly, I want to appreciate everyone that tried guessing my birthday. I think almost everyone got it right 😂. Although, most of you thought I was much younger but the last post would’ve cleared your confusion. Now that we’ve established that I have spent many years on this earth, […]

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Dance! Ft Soso

Hey everyoneee! Happy Mondayyyy, even though there’s really nothing happy about Monday. I really hope we all have an amazing week✨ Now, if there’s one thing I love in this world asides watching In the Soop, sleeping and eating, it’s dancing. I love dancing doesn’t mean I’m good at it though. I actually think I’m […]

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Hey hey hey everyoneeee! 안녕하세요!!!! 잘지네? 반가워요! Yes, my Korean lessons are going well, thanks for asking! 😂 Today, I’m so excited because I’m doing a collab with one of my favorite blog besties! Poorwa! I enjoy reading Poorwa’s blog a lot so I’m very happy to be able to collab with her. Thank you […]

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Body Stereotypes: Cancelled Pt.II

Hey everyoneee! It’s been a long whileeee 오랜만 !!!✨ I didn’t blog throughout this week, yeah? I only put out the series review cause I felt bad for not putting out anything. Truth is, I fell sick. I was so sick, I couldn’t get out of bed myself. I just finished my prescription last night […]

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Body Stereotypes: Cancelled!

Hey everyoneeeee! How has everyone been doing? I hope your week isn’t nearly as stressful as mine. Todayyyy, as the topic says, we are discussing Body Stereotypes! This topic was actually suggested by one of you😌. Thank you very much. If you have more ideas you want to suggest, something you think I should do […]

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Heyyyyyyy!!!! First and foremost, today’s post is inspired by one of my new blog besties, Poorwa’s blog! I think her blog is great! I’ve literally been stalking her site so y’all should definitely check her out. She did her own Vogue’s 73 Questions and I thought it was really fun so I decided to do […]



여러분 안녕하세요!!!! Hello everyone!!!! How is everyone doing? I really hope everyone has been enjoying The Bangtaniversary. It’s coming to an end soon hehe! From the beginning, we’ve been testing Armys on their BTS through songs, pictures etc so I think it’s only fair we do the ULTIMATE ARMY CHALLENGE! Most of the questions are […]

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Hey everyone! How has everyone been? Firstly, I want to thank you all for the support on the last posts which were the “Feminist series”. I got dms from some of you saying how much you love and appreciate the post. It meant a lot to me so thank you! I should probably do more […]