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5 Songs That Channel My Feminine Energy

While I was trying to research what exactly “channeling the feminine energy means”, I realized that there is no standard meaning to it and everyone has a perception of what feminine energy means and how to channel it. I’ve got mine too. Channeling your feminine energy means being in tune with YOU; who you are, […]

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7 Lessons I Learnt from Princess Diana

I was never been the one to care about the Royal Family. The only people I bothered to know are Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan because asides from the whole royal ruckus, they’re both amazing and very charitable humans. The Queen died 6 days ago and the news has been all over social media. Another […]

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BHM’22: Black Health and Wellness

<- 5 Outstanding Black women making an impact in the 21st Century Just like most major events that occur annually, Black History Month also celebrates with a specific theme which changes every year. This year’s theme is Black Health and Wellness. According to the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH), […]

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BHM’22: 5 Outstanding Black Women making an impact in the 21st Century

<- What is Black History Month and why is it celebrated? Hey everyoneee! Still in the spirit of celebrating Black History Month, today I’ll be talking about 5 very beautiful and outstanding black women in our century. A lot of times when the society praises black women, they talk of the likes of Oprah Winfrey, […]

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Body Stereotypes: Cancelled!

Hey everyoneeeee! How has everyone been doing? I hope your week isn’t nearly as stressful as mine. Todayyyy, as the topic says, we are discussing Body Stereotypes! This topic was actually suggested by one of you😌. Thank you very much. If you have more ideas you want to suggest, something you think I should do […]

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Aloha! Hope everyone is doing great? Thank you for clicking the link, forever appreciate it! Today’s post is actually the second part of the two part “Feminism series” so if you haven’t read the part one just click here . So after discussing Feminism and trying to shed more light the best I could with […]

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Hey y’all!!! I’m backkkkkk…hehe Your gurl had to take a break cause of exams and when the world gives me stress, I can’t add stress to it. I had been subtly coming up with ideas but I can’t push myself too hard cause Unilag already be doing that. I actually have a huge project coming […]

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Heyyyyy, it’s Ib! Yo! I have to share something peculiar that has been happening to me and I hope someone has like an explanation or something cause I’d love to hear it. Since the ending of last year, there are instances when I randomly check the time and I’ve been seeing recurring numbers and yeah, […]

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Shame On Body Shamers!

Heyyyyyyyyy It’s me, again, as you all know😌. Today, I’m excited because I will be answering the questions you guys sent in on body shaming but I will not be doing it alone! My Soul-Twinnie (if you don’t know what it is, it’s basically someone who kinda thinks in a way like you, not entirely […]

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Hehehehe Boy am I excited for this post 😙. The long awaited post is here! This post has been pending for about 3 weeks now and at a point, I almost decided not to post it anymore but here we are! I hope you guys laugh at the questions as much as I did 😂😂😂. […]