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Blogmas D’4: Rating the movies and series I watched in 2022 (1)

I’m not exactly a movie person so my list is kinda…short which is why I can write this post😂 In 2022, so far I’ve watched a total of 30 movies and series. It’ll probably be more than that cause I plan to binge watch Christmas movies after my exams so it may get to 35 […]

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Hey guyssssssss HAPPY NEW MONTH!!! Welcome to the month of love and let’s just say, I, myself will also be celebrating on Valentine’s Day with someone special and I know I’ve never spoken about my feelings or anything about that on this blog so on Feb 14! I will do a reveal on my blog’s […]

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Heyyyyy, it’s Ib! Yo! I have to share something peculiar that has been happening to me and I hope someone has like an explanation or something cause I’d love to hear it. Since the ending of last year, there are instances when I randomly check the time and I’ve been seeing recurring numbers and yeah, […]