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Hey guyssssssss


Welcome to the month of love and let’s just say, I, myself will also be celebrating on Valentine’s Day with someone special and I know I’ve never spoken about my feelings or anything about that on this blog so on Feb 14! I will do a reveal on my blog’s IG account. Who’s my special someone? Well, go follow my blog account to find out. I promise I’m not bluffing.

Anyways, I hope this month will be an amazing and fulfilling one for us all.

I decided to start this new month with a new challenge called, “My Unforgettable”. A friend and I came up with it (I don’t know if someone already did but this is me doing it for the first time so) and I thought it’d be interesting to play it and then you guys can join in as well.

It’s basically answering 28 questions about unforgettable memories. This game is basically for you to just, I guess, get the feeling of nostalgia when something you thought you forgot comes to mind and of course, it’s going to make you smile and that’s the entire essence of this.

So 28 questions for the 28 days in February (by the way, I came up with the questions), every day I will put up the challenge for that day on my IG story so you guys get to play the game and I will share your responses along with a tag so if you want to be part of this, go follow my blog account right now and don’t forget to check my story everyday till the end of February!

To be honest, I don’t expect you to participate everyday cause I’ve never been one to start and finish a monthly challenge 😂😂 but give it your best anyway!

Pardon me, I know it looks very amateur but I’m not really a guru so…

Now, watch me answer these questions like I didn’t come up with them😂

1. An unforgettable name you were called?

Okay so my surname is Adepoju, yeah? But for some reason, one of my friends in secondary school used to call me “Adepojs”. I always found it amusing that’s why I used it for my email. I doubt I would forget it 😂.

2. An unforgettable birthday you celebrated?

Last year’s cause I’ve never been surprised on any of my birthdays before last year so it’ll forever be in my heart, thanks to my parents.

3. An unforgettable movie/series?

This. Is. Tough! I hardly forget series I watch. I can forget movies but not series. I’m just going to pick the most recent one cause there’s a very low possibility that I’ll forget something I just recently watched so Bridgerton it is!

4. An unforgettable gift you gave someone?

So two years ago, I gave one of my friends a ring with the first letter of his name. I saw it and I thought it was cute so I bought it. The ring ended up being too small for his finger so it broke which is quite sad but funny at the same time so I’m unlikely to forget that.

5. An unforgettable song?

There are two actually. “Purpose” by Justin Bieber, can’t seem to let that song go and the second one is very cute as well. So I attended a boarding secondary school yeah? And the house I was in (Maria-Goretti House💖) if you’re a junior, you have to stay on the down bunk while someone above your class stays on top.

So in SS1, one of my bunk mates definitely my favorite, Tolu taught me this song titled, “Amigos Parasiempre”. If you don’t know, it means “Friends forever”. The song is so cuteeeeeeeee and it was basically “our thing”. Can’t forget it, ever!

6. An unforgettable scary memory?

Okay so, this was also in my secondary school…in the same year actually 😂. I’m too lazy to say the whole story but the summarized version is that this girl, I think she was asked to repeat or something so she used to disguise herself and at about 8:30pm when we’re having night prep, she will go to the dormitory and burn one of the rooms.

I remember the first day my friends and I went to fetch water in our bottles and as we were waiting, suddenly a large number of people started running past us and screaming. We didn’t know what happened but of course we joined in the stampede. It was when we got to class that we heard that there was a fire outbreak in the dormitory and this went on for about a week. Every night by 8:30pm, fire! One day, we literally had a mass vigil like see prayers, showering with Holy water, casting demons!

It was a very scary experience but like they say, there’s always a good part from anything bad. Since it was during exam period, they added 40 marks to all the subjects we were yet to do when the fire outbreaks started.

7. An unforgettable happy memory?

So many happy memories but the feelings I had on the day of graduation; happiness, overjoyed, relief etc.

8. An unforgettable year of my life?

2020, obviously. Turned 18 (legal bishhh), first birthday surprise, learnt how to drive, this blog, no school, Corona, George Floyd and Lekki Massacre😔, just to mention a few.

9. An unforgettable person/people?

My family, obviously. Jay Shetty, Lilly Singh, hosts on Impaulsive all made a huge impact on my mental health, some of my friends etc.

10. An unforgettable toy you had as a kid?

This was a toy/bag, like you know all those bags shaped in form of animals and then the zip would be on the tummy or at the back so I had a bag in the shape of baby pink poodle dog. It was literally the cutest thing ever! I can’t remember what happened to it but I know I can’t forget that bag, it was too cute.

11. An unforgettable peculiar food you’ve had?

So two years ago, in my 100L, one of my roommates/friends introduced me to spaghetti and ugwu (which is a type of leaf, I guess you could call it a vegetable as well). Pardon me, but it was my first time seeing someone sprinkle the ugwu in spaghetti, noddles, rice… she sprinkled it in almost everything and it was really really nice. Peculiar to me at first (cause that was my first time seeing such) but also very nice.

12. An unforgettable advice you’ve been given?

I was told that “You create your own happiness”, whatever anyone does or says to you, you can choose to be sad, angry, beaten down or happy. Happiness truly does come from within.

13. An unforgettable lesson you learnt on your own?

I think everyone can relate to this, actually. I’ve learnt to not be so open to people, don’t trust too much…just don’t throw your heart out there cause at the end of the day, only you got you! I learnt that the hard way so I’m advising you now!

14. An unforgettable Valentine’s gift you’ve gotten/gifted?

I’m all about self love and gratification so I’m going to go with the time I bought myself MALTESERS!!! You know the feeling is so different when you’re doing something for yourself. It’s so sweet when you cook for yourself or buy that dress or pants for yourself cause you know you’re going to slay it or take yourself out… it can’t be just me.

15. An unforgettable funny memory?

So one Christmas yeah, we went to the beach with our family friends and of course, we went into the water despite several warnings. While we were all playing and taking pictures, suddenly this unexpected wave came from the ocean and swept me off my feet and I was going with it like literally it was pulling me into the ocean and I was shouting till the oldest of our family friend swam to pull me back up.

Yoooooo, at that time it was scary but whenever I remember it, it’s quite funny.

16. An unforgettable experience you’ve had in front of a camera?

The most recent one that I had fun doing was an audition for Teens Africa TV. The experience was nice and the people auditioning with me as well had mad vibes. Loved it!

17. An unforgettable thing you did that gave you joy?

This blog, I guess and oh yeah, contributing 50% of the total money to get this phone I’m using right now. The first phone I got with my money (half of), I felt so proud😂. My life…

18. An unforgettable action you regret?

Obviously not bargaining with God so I don’t end up in Nigeria🚶🏽‍♀️.

19. An unforgettable embarrassing moment?

So one time when we travelled to London, 8 years ago. My mum, sister and I got on the bus, we didn’t see any space to sit downstairs so my sister and I went upstairs. Like 5 minutes later, my mum started yelling our names and shouting at us in Yoruba to come downstairs. As we were coming downstairs, the entire bus was silent and everyone was watching us as my mum was still yelling, I think we got on the wrong bus or something. Anyways, it was very embarrassing…very very 😂😂

20. An unforgettable book you love?

Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh. I am obsessed with that book and I can continue to read it on and on. Bloodline, Mistress of the Game and Master of the game, honestly all Sidney Sheldon books. I CAN’T GET ENOUGH!

21. An unforgettable item you owned?

So I have a surprise for y’all on Friday and that surprise will answer this question so anticipate!

22. An unforgettable dry joke you’ve heard?

What did the elephant say to the rhino? He’ll if I know (read it out loud if you don’t get it). Cracks me up everytime😂😂

23. An unforgettable place you visited?

Orchid hotel in Lekki cause it was my first time getting stuck in an elevator with my mum and her friend who started crying. Hilarious 😂😂

24. Describe an unforgettable picture you took?

This picture was taken in London with my siblings and my cousins. I remember, we were on our way to Asda and I was cold af even with my long sleeve so my oldest cousin gave me his hoodie. That’s why it’s so big. I can’t forget it cause I felt like a badass b right there.

25. An unforgettable quote?

This quote by Charles Cooley is one I can’t forget cause the truth in it is just 🤯. He said one of the biggest problems we face as humans is that:

Charles Cooley

I am not who I think I am, I am not who you think I am, I am who I think you think I am

And it’s just so trueeee! Immediately we think someone thinks we’re ugly, Gbam! we’re ugly. Once we think someone thinks our dress isn’t nice, we immediately believe it isn’t.

26. An unforgettable TikTok audio?

We all know this one😂

B*tch! Corvette corvette

Hgcybjugvjik like that like that

Afhivcukmob like that like that

Gcgchkno why you walk like that, why you talk like that, why you walk like that


27. An unforgettable oldie?

Hips don’t lie by Shakira. That’s an oldie right? It’s very old, I think. I love the song anyway.

28. An unforgettable post on It’s Ib blog?

Awwwnn thank you, thank you. You didn’t have to involve me in it😌. My favorite is the Girls only post when girls answered questions mostly asked by guys.

Great news! We’ll be having a boys only post soon. So ladies! Anticipate!

Alright guys, that’s my “Unforgettable Challenge”. So starting from Day 1, which is today, I’ll be pulling up the one for each day on my story and all you have to do is answer them and tag me and I’ll definitely repost! So head over to my blog’s IG account or mine, I’ll put it there as well and join in on the journey.

Alright guys, hope you enjoyed today’s post! I’m so excited for Friday’s post! Omggggg🤩

Don’t forget to join the challenge and let’s make this February an unforgettable one (you see what I did there?😂)

Alright, love you. Byeeeeeeeeeeee🤍


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