Blogmas Christmas

Blogmas D’13: 2022 Blog Goals

Ho Ho Ho ‘Tis I !

So I don’t usually make goals for the new year cause I like to just live my life without having the pressure of having to fulfill something or reach somewhere but since I see a lot of people doing it, I decided to set goals for my blog instead.

Then in 2022 Blogmas (if I participate), I’ll review them again and tick off the goals I was able to reach. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?🤩

Okay so my blog goals for 2022 are:-

🎄 Reach 500 blog followers (this shouldn’t be hard..we’re at 300 now👀)

🎄 Feature at least 10 bloggers (this also shouldn’t be hard. I mean come on, y’all love my blog)

🎄 Collaborate with 12 bloggers (so help me Lord😂. Y’all know where to contact me!)

🎄 30k+ all time views (this is me dreaming big💀)

🎄 Go on at least 1 break (you won’t die if you do!)

🎄 Write your first book review (I’ll ask y’all to recommend books maybe)

These are my blog goals for 2022! I think I’m being quite realistic, don’t you think?👀

What is one blog goal you have for your blog in 2022?

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