Blogmas D’5: Rating the movies/series I watched in 2022 (II)

Hey guys, it’s Ib! Back with the second part of me rating the movies and series I watched this year. If you haven’t read the previous post, make sure you do so before continuing this. Moving on! Pachinko – 5/10 As much as I love Lee Min Ho, I just couldn’t understand this show and […]

Blogmas Movies Series Review

Blogmas D’4: Rating the movies and series I watched in 2022 (1)

I’m not exactly a movie person so my list is kinda…short which is why I can write this post😂 In 2022, so far I’ve watched a total of 30 movies and series. It’ll probably be more than that cause I plan to binge watch Christmas movies after my exams so it may get to 35 […]

Blogmas Christmas Movies Series

Blogmas D’3: 5 Movies/Series to watch this Christmas

Ho Ho Hoooooo ‘tis I! I should probably greet like that all through blogmas😂 If you want me to, say yay or nay if you don’t, in the comments! I’ll vote✨ Okay so it’s the third day of Blogmas and I thought why don’t I recommend some amazing movies/series for you to binge watch this […]