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Blogmas D’4: Rating the movies and series I watched in 2022 (1)

I’m not exactly a movie person so my list is kinda…short which is why I can write this post😂

In 2022, so far I’ve watched a total of 30 movies and series. It’ll probably be more than that cause I plan to binge watch Christmas movies after my exams so it may get to 35 but right now, I will be rating the 30 movies and series I watched throughout this year so if you’re looking for recommendations, this is your time!

I split this into two posts because I know some of my readers are sensitive to long posts so I’ve been trying to adjust to writing shorter posts and it has been helpful for me as well.

All of us are dead- 6/10

Honestly, I got tired of the show at a point. I forced myself to finish it.

Married to an anti fan- 7/10

The show was really cute but it got exhausting at a point. Nevertheless, it was cute.

Mr Queen – 10/10

I have watched this drama about 5 times since last year. I am in love with it. It’s so funny and it gets funnier every time I watch it. I’d say it’s number 1 on my list of funny shows.

Business proposal – 10/10

This show is the perfect mix of cuteness and romance. It’s perfect for a date night or girl’s night. I love it so much and I will still rewatch it before this year ends.

2521 – 9/10

This show is so deep and beautiful. I feel like people in their early 20s’ should watch it. It dealt with a lot of issues we face. Although it did take a toll on my mental health cause of how deep it was. Thankfully, I was watching Business proposal at the same time so that helped.

Tomorrow- 7/10

⚠️ Trigger warning: suicide ⚠️

This show is about a group of grim reapers whose mission is to prevent living beings from committing suicide. Basically they try to show people that they had reasons to live. I cried and learnt a lot while watching this show.

I gave it a 7 because some controversies stirred up during the show where the name of an actual person and his birthday was written on a homicide list that they used on set, an influential person at that so that made people feel a type of way. I know that was the fault of the people in charge of the set but things like that could’ve been prevented.

Overall the show was great.

Lovers of the red sky – 7/10

This show is old but I loved it. I like shows that talk about fate, everything is the way it is for a purpose, that sort of thing.

Train to Busan – 10/10

I want to watch this show again. I was so scared at the beginning cause I really don’t like zombie movies but it was so thrilling and the ending made me cry.

Bridgerton S2 – 8/10

I can’t lie, I prefer season 1 to this season. There was that spark of excitement in Daphne and Simon’s relationship that I didn’t really feel in this one. Also, Eloise was super annoying but she’s still my favorite. I can’t help but love her.

Sex Education S3- 9/10

I still prefer the first season of this one too😭 but I love that they shed more light on gender fluidity this season and Otis and Maeve finally got together even though Maeve is leaving. We can just never win!

Spider-Man: No way home – 10/10

Marvel is always a 10/10, they never miss. Plus Spider-Man is my favorite so period. I really enjoyed watching it with my friends. It was our first outing of the year.

Encanto – 9/10

Watched it twice. I really love it and I love the soundtracks more. My mum loved it too😂

Red Notice – 8/10

I love me some good action and comedy. I also really like Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, comical men. I love comedy guys!

The Witcher S2- 6/10

It didn’t help that I had completely forgotten most things about the show by the time season 2 came out, I was also super lost throughout this season. I kept watching cause I like looking at Henry Cavill’s face. Now that he’s leaving the show, God help them.

That’s the first half of the shows I watched this year, the rest will be rated tomorrow!

How many of these shows did you watch? What was your favorite show this year?

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8 replies on “Blogmas D’4: Rating the movies and series I watched in 2022 (1)”

business proposal and 2521 were like a highlight of the year for me because there were both airing in the same month on different days so just after crying after watching 2521, I would laugh watching business proposal😂😂
and omgg yess dwayne johnson and ryan reynolds are one amazing pair of funny gentlemen🙇🏻‍♀️
and obviously, tom holland and zendaya and andrew garfield and tobey maguire togetherrr😭😭😭💕💕💕
houff 2022 was a rollercoaster, but a fun one💫


WP put this under spam sawryyy😭
Exactlyyy, finally! Someone who gets me😭 2521 was so deeppp so watching business proposal right after was like a breath of fresh air.

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Your love for K-dramas really showed in this post hey😂👌. I haven’t watched anything on this list though. Had the full Encanto movie on my phone thrice and somehow just lost it🤷‍♀️. And Spiderman, well I hardly watch Marvel. But Zendaya is in it so that’s an exception🌚. I’ll most definitely watch them this December tho🤸‍♀️

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